Jan Aldrich: Here is an incident report from Barry Greenwood's Oak Ridge
file. I suspect it came from the FBI. Please note the radiation

10 November 1950

  On 10 November 1950,-------------, Oak Ridge, Tennessee,
employee at-------------, Oak Ridge, Tennessee was interviewed
and he stated substantially as follows: At approximately 1630
hours on 23 October 1950, while driving on the Benton Valley
Road, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, he observed an object over the
Scarboro School (which is in the control area of Oak Ridge) at
a distance of one-quarter to three-eighth of a mile from his
position of observations. The object appeared to be between
1000 and 2000 feet in altitude and was described as an "aluminum

   It was traveling in a South Southeast direction. The object
was dropping fast as it crossed the road and disappeared over a
ridge--------heard no noise in connection with this object.

   At approximately the time of this observation, a background
(Geiger) counter located in the vicinity of this observation
registered a reading for Alpha and Beta particles. -----------
with the Health and Research Division of Oak Ridge National
Laboratories, has stated that a reading received on this
background counter is unexplained.

NPTES: No intentional or accidental releases which would give
such a reading were made during month October.

       The Radar Station, Knoxville, Tennessee, has not
reported a radar sighting on the date and time of this observation.
Created: Sep 23, 1997