Nuclear Connection Project
  Updated: 5 July 2021

    NCP-01:  Some Early Patterns - Loren Gross
    NCP-02:  The NEPA and UFOs - Loren Gross 
    NCP-03:  UFO Sightings & Nuclear Sites - Larry Hatch
    NCP-04:  A Project is Born:  NCP: A Nuclear Connection - Francis Ridge 
    NCP-05:  UFOs Continue to Visit Nuclear Energy Sites - George Fawcett
    NCP-06:  The Oak Ridge Mini-Flap - Lawrence Fawcett & Barry Greenwood
    NCP-07:  The Radiation Story - Captain Edward J. Ruppelt
    NCP-08:  The Nuclear connection - Richard Hall
    NCP-09:  Oak Ridge Native Speak - An Introduction - Jerry Washington
    NCP-10:  Nuclear Historical Correlative Research - Robert Duvall
    NCP-11:  Do Nuclear Facilities Attract UFOs? - Donald A. Johnson
    NCP-12:  The White Sands Proof - Bruce Maccabee
NCP-13   Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Craft - Bruce Maccabee
NCP-14   Saucers Over Oak Ridge - Bruce Maccabee
NCP-15   The Cuban Missile Crisis & UFOs - Francis Ridge
NCP-16   National Security, Missing Files & The Nuclear Key - Francis Ridge
NCP-17   Pandora's Box - What Have We Done? Francis Ridge
    NCP-18   Roswell 200 Miles Up - The Boys Upstairs - Francis Ridge
NCP-19   MADAR 15 and the WOW Signal: Any Connection? - Francis Ridge
NCP-20   Roswell Debris: Not of This Earth - Kevin Randle
    NCP-21   UFOIS: The UFO Sighting Wave of 1965 - Fran Ridge
    NCP-22   UFOIS: The UFO Sighting Wave of 1957 - Fran Ridge
    NCP-23   UFO: The History, the Investment, and the Human Race Today - Robert Duvall 
    NCP-24   Missile Shutdowns 1967: The Minuteman, The Mother of All Sighting Waves - Fran Ridge
    NCP-25   Mystery Satellites: Carriers or Confabulations? - Fran Ridge
NCP-26   The Night NORAD Went On Top Alert - Fran Ridge

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