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National Security, Missing Files, The Nuclear Key

Francis Ridge
  NCP Coordinator


If things are as they seemed, to many of those interested in UFOs and believe they exist, eventually the truth will come out, or UFOs will provide the answers at their own choosing and at a time they choose. If things were as the Air Force has always said they are, the subject of UFOs will eventually die and the stories will become part of the world's urban legends. No problems with national security. In either case, no problem to be concerned about and no need for cover-ups or any projects like Blue Book. But there IS a problem: Things are NOT as they seem. Even the picture of what what many people thought was going on is wrong. The nuclear connection with UFOs is now well established, and  the number of incidents that have leaked out is far greater than any of us even imagined. UFOs have observed nuclear bomb material being made and shipped, weapons built and tested and stored. UFOs have been observed to monitor missile and warhead upgrading at missile sites, have shut down missiles in their silos, have changed (even erased) targeting tapes. UFOs have even caused nuclear-tipped missiles, already aimed at key Russian targets,  to go into launch mode!!! The amount of evidence is now staggering, and  much of what we thought we knew about UFOs and how the Air Force wanted to get out of the UFO "business" takes on a whole new meaning.

In 1956, former Project Blue Book Director, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, published his book, "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects". On page 212 it he states:
There were two other factors we could never resolve, the frequency of the sightings and their geographical distribution. Since the first flurry of reports in July of 1947, each July brought a definite peak in reports; then a definite secondary peak occurred just before each Christmas. We plotted these peaks in sightings against high tides, world-wide atomic tests, the positions of the moon and planets, the general cloudiness over the United States, and a dozen and one other things, but we could never say what caused more people to see UFO's at certain times of the year.

Then the UFO's were habitually reported from areas around "technically interesting" places like our atomic energy installations, harbors, and critical manufacturing areas. Our studies showed that such vital military areas as Strategic Air Command and Air Defense Command bases, some A-bomb storage areas, and large military depots actually produced fewer reports than could be expected from a given area in the United States. Large population centers devoid of any major "technically interesting" facilities also produced few reports.

Ruppelt was right about where UFOs were being reported. The data now grapically illustrates what UFOs were concerned with. And Dan Wilson, one of our NCP staff members and researchers has uncovered evidence of UFO interest in nuclear tests and even radioactive fallout.
Researcher & NCP member, Jan Aldrich notes:

In a 1952 LOOK article, Ruppelt mentions a file of 63 cases of UFOs over nuclear installations, but such a file is not  in currently-declassified Blue Book files.

The lies continued up to and beyond the closing of the official Air Force project whose job it was to investigate and screen UFO reports from the military and civilians. In December of 1969, Project Blue Book ceased operations. This is what the final report said.

1) No UFO reported, investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security.
2) There has been no evidence submitted to or discovered by the Air Force that sightings categorized as "unidentified" represent technological developments or principles beyond the range of present-day scientific knowledge.
3) There has been no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as "unidentified" are extraterrestrial vehicles.

Most researchers knew that all of this was untrue. In fact, most people suspected that this was just another in a series of lies. One of the questions always asked by the media, and pondered by anyone remotely interested in the UFO subject, is, "If UFOs are what they appear to be, why would the government want this surpressed?"  With general knowledge about UFOs most enthusiasts would only consider the information readily available in books, magazines, and TV and radio programs. Aside from the over-blown abduction scare reports, based on available information, and even much of the Project Blue Book files, there was nothing to be concerned about. If this is all real, we were simply not alone. Maybe we are simply the "new kids on the block". No need for a cover-up, at least now, after over a half a century of non-hostility. But in the last decade or so research has turned up some vital information that gives us reasons to reconsider many things we thought we knew about UFOs.

In the 1970's, one question raised after Project Blue Book closed down, was, where did the important UFO reports go? And, why were so many well-known, good reports not in Blue Book files?

Researcher, Robert Todd obtained the release of the Bolender memo in Jan 1979.  The implications from this memo, issued just before the shutdown of Project Blue Book, is clear, and  is found on page 2: " reports of unidentified flying objects which could affect national security are made in accordance with JANAP 146 or Air Force Manual 55-11, and are not part of the Blue Book system."

The Bolender Memo was the first whiff from the cover-up's smoking gun. There would be more, a lot more, in the years to come. It amounted to confirmation of a long-standing suspicion: Project Blue Book served as a front for a classified project that handled the truly sensitive reports. The memo was prepared on October 20, 1969 by Brig. Gen. C. H. Bolender, the Air Force's Deputy Director of Development. And 16 pages attached to this memo, which presumably would have shed some light on this curious assertion, are missing from the Air Force files.

Researcher, Todd Zechel's paper, The CIA's Most Secret UFO Counterintelligence Project: The Condon Committee, is interesting reading. What it shows is that the Condon Project was no accident. It certainly was not just a way to get the Air Force out of the embarrassing UFO business. More serious things were going on that involved just what the Air Force claimed wasn't an issue, national security. And it wasn't the UFO reports we had all read about many times before that concerned the CIA the most. There were many almost worthless civilian reports and there were good ones. There were many good military reports, many of which repose in the Blue Book files to this day. Raised from the 741 unknowns picked from over 13,000 sightings on file, researchers James E. McDonald and Brad Sparks were able to double that figure. But it wasn't those reports either. It was the ones you won't find in the BB files; the ones involving nuclear weapons and their launch vehicles, that are obviously indicative of very serious problems with our national security. What we had thought was a small part of the picture turns out to be a much larger portion, a much more serious group of incidents.

In 2003, I established the Nuclear Connection Project, whose purpose it was/is to catalog and detail the many nuclear connection cases to see how widespread they were and if there were any specific patterns. Others before me had concerns about NC cases. My concern was raised about the same time Richard Hall expressed his, in his book, "Uninvited Guests" (1988). Then there were books by Ray Fowler, Barry Greenwood & Larry Fawcett, and others. At the start of the project, valuable leads as to NC motives were expressed by Loren Gross.

We've learned a lot in the last five years, but the recent publication of a new book, UFOs and Nukes", by non-member, Robert Hastings, is the definitive body of evidence supporting, not only the nuclear connection, but the reasons behind most of the questions raised about UFOs for many years. What it graphically illustrates is that the nuclear connection is far greater than we had thought even five years ago. The UFO appearance during WWII and subsequent presence is a nuclear-related one. Project Blue Book may have been kept out of the loop, but an agency higher up not only recognized the threat, but  took over the investigation.

Francis Ridge,
Coordinator, Nuclear Connections Project
The NCP Team today.

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