UFO Intelligence Summary
produced for the
Nuclear Connection Project

updated: 26 Jan 2015
The following two Category 10 folders represent better listings with correct URLs for missile and other nuclear connection cases. The list below is outdated and contains many bad outdated links, but may provide some useful information.

Report  Sep., 1944; Oak Ridge, TN. Metal tube hovers over gaseous diffusion plant
Report  Mid-July,1945; Hanford, WA. UFO over AEC plant tracked by radar, F84's scrambled
Report  April 5, 1948; White Sands, NM. Team watched UFO performing violent maneuvers
Report  July 1948; Pasco, WA. Pilot reports domed disc near AEC area
Report  Dec. 5,6,7,8,11,13,14,20 & 28, 1948; Los Alamos, NM. OSI, pilots, Los Alamos
Report  April 24, 1949; Arrey, New Mexico. UFO tracking at White Sands Proving Ground
Report  May 21, 1949; Moses AFB/Hanford, WA. Disc hov. restricted air space over AEC Plant
Report  June 29, 1949; White Sands, NM. Naval rocket expert observed a silvery disc
Report  Fall, 1949; Key Atomic Base. 5 metallic objects traverse 300 miles across scope
Report  April 27, 1950; White Sands, NM. Cinetheodolite film taken by camera trk station
Report  May 24, 1950; White Sands, NM. Cinetheodolite film taken by camera trk station
Report  July 30, 1950; Hanford AEC Plant, WA. UFO over AEC plant triggers scramble of F-94
Report  Oct. 13, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. Sightings by AEC security patrols
Report  Oct. 18, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. Unidentified radar contacts
Report  Oct. 20, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. UFOs sighted over "Control Zone"
Report  November 10, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. Backgrnd radiation regist as object in control area
Report  December 5, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. FBI document, possible radar jamming reported
Report  December 6, 1950; Northeastern U.S.. National alert when radar picked up unknowns
Report  December 14, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. RADAR targets over AEC base
Report  December 18, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. R/V Sightings over AEC plant
Report  December 18, 1950; NEPA, Oak Ridge, TN. Army report to FBI
Report  December 20, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. AN&C Radar tracks UFO
Report  October 9, 1951; Hulman Fld (IN); Paris (IL); Newport atomic plant Unknown
Report  October 30, 1951; Yucca Flats, NV. Squadrons of UFOs over atomic test site
Report  December 7, 1951; Oak Ridge, TN. 20' square obs by secty guard; F-47's scrambled
Report  May 10, 1952; SC. UFO Incident at Savannah River (AEC) Plant
Report  Summer of 1952; Kirtland AFB, NM. Famous AF F-86 shooting incident
Report  June 21, 1952; Oak Ridge, TN. R/V sightings over AEC plant
Report  July 5, 1952; Hanford Atomic Plant, WA. Four pilots rep disc hov over AEC plant
Report  Sept, 1952; Oper. Mainbrace, North Sea area/military exercise Ruppelt's version
Report  December 10, 1952; Washington state, Hanford AEC Plant, R/V
Report  July 19, 1953; Oak Ridge, TN. Black objects maneuvered over area near an F-86
Report  April 7, 1954; USS Curtiss carrying nuclear weapons buzzed by UFO
Report  October 1, 1957; Shippingport, PA. UFO circled atomic plant
Report  November 4, 1957; Kirtland AFB, NM. Egg-shaped UFO hovers over base
Report  November 6, 1957; Radium Springs, NM. Rnd object rose verticalfrom mountain top
Report  February, 1961; Western Europe, France. DDisc near nuclear power station.    
Report  Summer of 1961; Near Moscow. Report of Russian tact missiles being fired on UFO
Report  August 7, 1962; Oracle, Arizona. UFO over Titan missile silo, Jets sent up
Report  October, 1962; NORAD Reg 2, nr Palermo AFB, NY. Scramb hot bird Cuban Missile Crisis
Report  1962; Unidentified A.F. Test Range, UFO blocked tracking of U.S. rocket
Report  February 7, 1963; Charlottesville, VA.  Planes scrambled, UFOs over missile site.
Report  April 30, 1964; Stallion Test Site, NM. B-57 radios white object landed, phto recon
Report  May 15, 1964; Stallion Site, NM. Two scrambles, radar/vis, UFOs sent proper IFF.
Report  May 22, 1964; White Sands, NM. Auto radar tracks UFO on tape, sends phony IFF.
Report  September 15, 1964; Big Sur, CA. Destroys Atlas warhead, filmed by mil trk crew
Report  June 5, 1965; Lynn/Nahant, MA. UFOs over GE facility.
Report  October, 1965; Lake Norman, NC. Three UFOs over McGuire Nuclear Power Station
Report  October 7, 1965; Edwards AFB, CA. Encounter between UFO and a hot bird
Report  April, 1966; Malmstrom AFB, MT. UFOs, alarms, 10 missiles inoperative.
Report  June 16, 1966; Elista, Kalmuk, Russia. Scientist report UFO maneuv nr missile test.
Report  August 24,1966; North Dakota. UFO jammed a Minuteman site
Report  February 10, 1967; Sandusky, OH. Saucer hovers over AEC facility with blue beam.
Report  March 2, 1967; White Sands, NM. 20 silver objects, radar blips at 7 mile alt.
Report  March 5, 1967; Minot AFB, North Dakota. Craft trk on radar hovered over missile site
Report  March 16, 1967; Malmstrom AFB, MT. UFO and "no-go Fault" cond at missile facility
Report  March 24, 1967; Los Alamos, NM. Disc hovers for 10 minutes.
Report  March 30, 1967; Malmstrom AFB, MT. Radar/visual, UFO 10 missiles shut down.
Report  October 26, 1967; Portland, England. Cylinder w/ 4 arms over nuc plant, A-R.
Report  Late Summer, 1968; Lake Norman, NC. Domed UFO near AEC plant
Report  September 17, 1968; Nellis AFB, NV.  Two military ATCs report violent maneuvers.
Report  July or August, 1972; Lake Norman, NC. Saucer near nuclear facility
Report  March 1975; Lake Murray, Lexington, SC. CE with octagon near nuclear site 
Report  October 27, 1975; Loring AFB, Maine. UFO circles weapons storage area
Report  October 30, 1975; Wurtsmith AFB Michigan. UFO chased by KC-135 tanker
Report  Late October 1975; Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Night NORAD went on top alert
Report  November 7, 1975; Malmstrom AFB, Montana. Targeting system tampered with
Report  November 8, 1975; Malmstrom AFB, Montana. F-106's scrambled after UFOs
Report  November 22, 1975; Savannah, Georgia. Pilots observe UFO near nuclear plant
Report  August 9, 1980; Albuquerque, NM, UFO landing near Kirtland, AFB
Report  October 18, 1982; Lake Norman, NC. Silver oval UFO with "four legs"
Report  October 13, 1983; Gaffney, SC. UFO near Cherokee Nuclear Station
Report  June 24, 1984; Peekskill, NY. UFO over nuc plant causes alert and elect failure
Report  April 26, 1986; USSR. Chernobyl explosion at 1:23 AM, preceded by UFO activity
Report  March 4, 1988; Eastlake, OH. Triangular objects hd toward Perry nuclear power plant
Report  April 22, 1998; Washington State. UFOs sighted at sub base and nuc storage facility

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