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October 24, 2016, updated Nov 15, 2016

Greetings Everyone,
MADAR-III is running in three states!  The device has been streaming valuable scientific data to a distant server and is being monitored and data displayed on both the Louisville, KY and Mt. Vernon. IN MADAR screens, and the latest version of the display is soon to be available via the internet for everyone.  The main display shows the devices on a U.S. map. By clicking on the DATA button at the top right of that map the MadarNet graphic displays the locations, device type, device reading, and last reading-time-date. The HRS-1, the offical name of the device, has its own onboard database storage.  Besides detection, readings from the device include time-dating, magnitude and duration. HRS-1 devices are in place in three locations: Louisville, Kentucky, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Mt. Vernon, Indiana. 

When Challon Holt (Director of Engineering and IT Specialist) and I went on Erica Lukes' UFO CLASSIFIED Friday evening (Oct 28) we announced that Erica's HRS-1 device was up and running from Salt Lake City, UT.  The Utah device (all are the same prototype) is being operated as a "field unit", the rest operated as "base units".  By that I mean that Erica's device will be a roving sensor. Also of note, with the new map display one can access their device with their home computer, laptop or cell phone.

MADAR-II is still operating at the Louisville site, but as soon as I get moved to Newburgh (no idea as to when) I will be operating a modified MADAR-III/MADAR-II system.

MADAR-III's HRS-1 is revolutionizing the anomaly detection field in several ways, and this is only the beginning! Those who purchase the basic device will have a small but powerful, and scientifically valuable tool which has the built-in capacity to be updated remotely into doing much more as the MADARNET project grows. In the near future we will be offering additional plug and play features to the HRS-1. Some of those features include Radiation Detection. Anyone interested in the HRS-1 can go to the following link and order.
Due to our manufacturing process and build-to-order at this time, it will take from 4-7 days before shipping.

At this time, this device takes the place of the primary gear used in MADAR-I & II. The geiger counter add-on is coming by the end of the first quarter 2017. Although the cost has not been calculated, it's far less than buying a Geiger counter and paying the license fee and software fee to be on the Radiation Network. ($450+)

The link for UFO CLASSIFIED show is Erica also has archive links for the show so that you listen in in case you missed that Friday night show. After a discussion about me and my work with the NICAP site, we began talking about the success of the MADAR Project and briefing everyone on the eminent release of MADAR-III.

Back to routine business:

We have added some people and groups to our audience, so a brief description of our primary goal is in order.  No matter what you may think about UFOs and IFOs, the most important thing for NICAP is the continuation of work on the 130,000-plus documents that need to be processed, resized, made into pdf files and placed in the proper files and chronos. We do not want these documents to "disappear". At last count, besides the work we had already done on cases up to 1969 (later ones are not Blue Book) we had combed the chronos and were up to the middle of August 1952. I plan on finishing that and starting 1953 ASAP. Each case has a directory if it is worth doing and the dir has a synopsis and links to all docs and related material. Here is the file folder representing what we have accomplished so far the current year:

2016 Index
CASEWORK (All  Indexes)

In concert with the MADAR Project, NICAP is intensifying its work on Electro-Magnetic Effect (EME) cases. All cases from the 1960 NICAP E-M report are now listed on the chronos. All cases from Mark Rodegier's E-M catalog WILL be added as time allows. At the start of the new project we had located 42 EME cases which we already had created directories for.  As of May 1st we have located 107, an additional 65 entries!!! All cases of compass needle incidents have been checked. Herr_Incidents_Update.pdf :
151 compass needle cases were either listed on the original Herr page or were located in addition to that list. The original ones are denoted by the letter "H". Only 25 of those listed have been supported by any reports or documentation. 22 have directory links, 1 is pending, 2 were hoaxes. We simply have to find most of Eric Herr's files or locate the cases that so far have eluded us.
The new NICAP email list, was launched. We now have 41 members. We need all of you to find those who could be of help who have an interest in the UFO subject. Send me their email addresses and I'll invite them in.

The new MADAR Project list, was also launched and now has 10 members. If you're interested in UFO detection, this is the list to get on.

The A-Team list and NCP (Nuclear Connection Project) list were not created with yahoo and all messages to the team will be relayed through our Communications Officer, Rich Vitello.
The rest would be news to any new web searcher, but old news to any of our regular enthusiasts, and is repeated and updated at each briefing:

In December we celebrated the 18th anniversary of the NICAP web site. In 1997 I envisioned a web site with links to all the best UFO web sites at that time, along with some NICAP trivia, and data on casework. It was called "NICAP Interlink". Right after that simple beginning, and then being authorized to expand on the idea, I added the original UFO chronologies and began work on case directories. The chronos were skimpy. They had few cases from the Project Blue Book files and ended at 1963.

In  the fall of 2005 I began a major update of Richard Hall's NICAP UFO Sighting Chronologies. In nothing short of a crash program we produced qualitative and quantitative sighting summaries for the most important years in UFO history: 1947-1952. In December of 2005 we had posted a massive updated chrono on 1952. This included documentation but was basically a major update on sightings. By the end of 2006 we had drastically updated (with links to detailed key cases) incidents from pre-1947 to 1969. That total group encompassed the Air Force Project Blue Book years and the BB files. In January 2007 we established the goal to update the remaining chronos at a rate of one year per month, beginning with 1970. In July of that year we were able to add hundreds of foo-fighter sightings to the WWII period with the help of Keith Chester. The plan was to have all the chronos up and updated by March 15, 2010. We were able to accomplish that goal several months early.

If you are looking for anything important (sightings or events or dated documents), these chronos are the definitive source.

An amazing way to find anything these days is by Googling. Use the code-word  "nicap" in your search, and bingo. I misplaced an important document that was "lost" by putting it in the wrong site folder. Google found it instantly and I fixed the problem right away.

In 2009 we began the second major project, the new RADCAT, which is the re-issue and processing of all the radar cases in the Blue Book files and elsewhere. Later we started another major project, AVCAT (Aviation Catalog), to update directories on old cases and I created AVCAT dirs for new ones regarding sightings of UFOs from aircraft.

My A-Team, consisting of 31 top-notch researchers, my Nuclear Connection Project group, and the Current Encounter List, all worked together in this major effort to locate and document significant UFO cases. This summer I took a much-needed break and worked on two major projects, one still confidential; the other, some intensified Lunascan Project work. And every day continuing work on the MADAR Project since the system was put back in operation in February of 2014. After the summer hiatus we went over the 1947 through 1950 chronos with a fine tooth comb to make sure we were not simply linking to external site pages and Blue Book documents that might later go down. PDF files were made and they are now housed forever and securely on the NICAP site.

Earlier this year we had a major crisis and lost a computer, the workhorse for all our work. This had happened a few years prior as well, and each time our work stopped in its tracks and for weeks we were down, but not out. This time I/we learned a major lesson. We are still under siege and being spammed at an unbelievable rate, hundreds of emails every day. But some wonderful soul who wishes to remain anonymous donated a new computer and I bought two used ones, and now we have three computers running, all backed up by external hard drives. Whoever is spamming us is sending these emails out every day, and all three pcs get them, but we are still operating.

Financial support for our work comes in the form of donations and purchases from the NICAP Store.  NICAP caps and coffee mugs were a great way, an only way, to provide promotion and funding. Unfortunately we are now out of both. But sometime in 2016 I hope to start a fundraiser to get these back in stock.

Join with us as we begin a new and exciting year.

The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) was formed in 1956 and flourished through about 1970, and, as an organization with field investigators and consultants, declined gradually thereafter. For a more detailed story about NICAP please check papers/hall-IUR1994, Richard Hall. What we have today, many years later, is the existence of the NICAP web site, a tremendous repository of the evidence collected by NICAP and other sources to continue the goal of public information.

There have been millions of UFO sightings, but bonafide UFOs are more rare. We have more than 215,000 sightings on computer (UFOCAT, Donald A. Johnson). In addition we have massive evidence in the form of 11 different Categories

* Category 11 - 3,000-plus sightings from aircraft by Dr. Richard Haines and over 240 cases listed on the NICAP site with the AVCAT Project. To see the actual breakdown by month see:

* Category 10 - Over 200 cases involving a nuclear connection, several radiation injury cases, plus incidents from Robert Hastings files.

* Category 9 - With the RADCAT Project we have produced over 460 radar case directories along with supporting documents from the Blue Book files. To see the actual breakdown and cases filed, see this doc report

* About 1600 U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book UNKNOWNS (Brad Sparks).
* Category 8 - Photographic Evidence. 11,821 cases (as of Dec 15,2014) by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos.
* Category 7 - Humanoid Cases (hundreds) and Abduction Reports
* Category 6 - Over 5600 Physical Trace cases documented, 4104 involving UFO visual sightings (CUFOS).
* Category 5 - Medical Cases. Being compiled
* Category 4 - Over a hundred cases of UFO sightings involving animal reactions on the NICAP site alone by Joan Woodward.
* Category 3 - E-M Effects. Over 500 cases associated with UFO sightings (CUFOS) and 185 E-M cases documented involving UFOs near aircraft (Dr. Richard Haines). 250 listed on the NICAP site. 144 compass needle cases listed by Eric Herr.
* Category 2 - Hundreds, if not thousands, of excellent close encounters by credible observers whose testimony in court would be taken at face value
* Category 1 - Probably millions of reports of nighttime objects (Nocturnal Lights) or daylight objects seen at a distance.

The NICAP site is the number one source of the best evidence and covers material from the dawn of the UFO age, over a half century ago. If you would like to participate in email discussions on or file information, please email me at

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator
(812) 838-3120 (formerly

Mailing address: 618 Davis Drive Mt. Vernon, IN 47620