Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 20:18:38 -0400
From: "Jan Aldrich" <>
Subject: Los Alamos Sighting from NICAP files
May, 1949

This sighting is from a collection of Keyhoe letters collected and retyped by Ted Bloecher....Ted bugged Keyhoe to bring in his letters from home and retyped them for the NICAP files.  In addition Ted went through the files and retyped any letters he found directed to Keyhoe.  Here is one below.
Rebecca LeTourneau retyped this up for us.
Jan Aldrich
Copy of Witness' letter to Major Keyhoe, dated Jan. 27, 1961:
Jan. 27, 1961
Major Donald E. Keyhoe, U.S.M.C., Ret.
N.I.C.A.P.  (Etc.)
Dear Major Keyhoe:
May I say that I believe we have met before. It seems to me that I met you
and Mrs. Keyhoe at a social function in Detroit, probably in 1950 or 1951.
. . In any event, my object in writing you was to first offer my thanks as
an interested and avid fan of yours. I haven't missed an article or release
under your name. Secondly, I want to relate my personal sighting of UFO's.
During the period from 1948 to 1950, I was employed as a technician for the
Atomic Energy Commission at Los Alamos, New Mexico. During the month of
May, 1949, the following event took place. About 10:30 AM, during a week
day, my attention was attracted by a group of men outside the laboratory in
which I was working. Joining them I looked skyward and at an altitude of
approx. 9,000 ft. I observed 13 saucer shaped objects in a perfect straight
line formation. During this observation period of about forty five minutes,
several of the objects would suddenly leave this formation and with a
tremendous burst of speed climb to what I think was about 20,000 ft.
During this sighting, (witnessed by hundreds of residents and workers, also
school children) may I add this observance. The atmosphere was clear, not a
cloud in the sky and visibility unlimited. Our oldest children who were
eleven and twelve at that time, related this event in a school report when
we returned to California from this base. They were called liars. Rather
than have them ridiculed, I asked them not to mention it again. I have
served as Sr. Engineer in charge of static testing the 2nd stage of the
"Minute Man" missile besides other programs and I think I have the
technical ability to make such an observation and report it as seen.
Everyone making these observations in the past, including myself, must
either be stupid or our military personnel must have very good reasons for
their denial of these stories. I feel it is about time that the Air Force
should get off the fence and choose sides. Isn't there a solution?
Just couldn't resist dropping you a letter after reading the enclosed
article. Please excuse my rusty typing and drop me a line when you have the

E. M. (Ernie) Hunt
(s)   Ernie Hunt
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