Source: The Hynek UFO Report, pages 61-63
Subject: From Project Blue Book Files - Sightings At Los Alamos, Los Alamos, New Mexico, July 29, 1952 

The following sightings were made at Los Alamos, New Mexico. The first report was made by an employee of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory who was judged by the investigator to be a very reliable person. The witness stated:

About ten A.M. on 29 July, 1952, at Omega Site, Los Alamos Canyon, Los Alamos, New Mexico, I observed an object, white in color, that appeared to be changing perspective or going through gyrations. It had a fluttering appearance. I observed the object for a few seconds and then stopped looking at it. At the time of the sighting there were a few small scattered clouds and the wind velocity was low. Five minutes later, jets appeared from Kirtland Air Force Base.

A second witness, also a member of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, stated:

At approximately ten A.M. on 29 July, 1952, at Los Alamos Canyon, Los Alamos, New Mexico, I observed an undiscernible object, white in color, appearing larger than a jet at thirty thousand feet. The object was moving in a straight-line flight with an approximate speed of 1.8 degrees per second. The brilliance of the object underwent changes as though light reflected variably with execution of twisting or turning motion. I viewed the object for approximately twenty seconds before the canyon wall obstructed my view. The object did leave a vapor trail. Weather conditions were clear and no unusual wind in the canyon was present.

And still another:

On July 29th, I was north and west of the airport [approximately a mile to a mile and a half]. I had seen this thing for approximately thirty seconds. I had been watching these jets with my little ten-year-old boy at my residence and we were pointing them out and two jets passed generally west to east [could he have meant east to west?], leaving vapor trails. I had just stepped in the door when my boy said he saw three of them. So, I stepped back out and looked and saw a shiny object just under the vapor trails, traveling in the same direction as the vapor trails, leaving no vapor trail. It seemed to be traveling slightly faster than the jets did that left the trails. It possibly could have been one of the jets that had doubled around and gotten at an altitude below, but it came into this position almost too fast for the jets to have made a complete circle. It is possible that it was a jet that swung around and came back. Sworn to and subscribed to before me on the 31st day of July, etc.

And another independent witness stated:

The length of time that I observed the object was very short, only a couple of seconds. I haven't had any previous experience as an observer but the oddity of this object was that the air was filled with burnt papers reflecting sunlight. At ground level, they had drifted about a third of the way across the airstrip and were slowly drifting in wind currents to the north. Soon, they attained quite a high altitude. This object was moving across the wind currents. It wasn't drifting to the north, it was going more from east to west. Possibly just a little south to west. I saw it for just a few seconds. It was a distance up in the sky. The man I was with was using field glasses and stated that this object made a turn. It was right into the wind current that was blowing the papers in the opposite direction. He followed the object which disappeared behind a cloud which was to the west over the mountain range behind Los Alamos. This was the only mass of a cloud in that vicinity. As far as I could tell, this object had no vapor trails to the naked eye. As I saw it, it was only a silver speck in the sky.

And still another witness:

At 10:57 hours, 29 July, 1952, at S Site, Security Station 610, I observed an object appearing egg-shaped in structure directly overhead, the distance impossible to determine. The object was motionless and appeared to have wings. The object had no glare and appeared light brown in color. The object moved very fast when movement began, in a northwesterly direction, taking about three seconds to disappear. I was unable to determine whether the object disappeared behind the horizon or disappeared in the distance close to the horizon. There wasn't any apparent sound, odor, or evidence of a vapor trail. There weren't any clouds in the sky when the object was sighted. My attention was attracted to the object while looking for jets from Albuquerque which had been reported previously over the radio from the air strip. This is the first object of this type that I have seen.