Date: May 18, 2005
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject; Incident at Datil, NM; Photo Unexplained
February 24 and 25th, 1950

Sighting No.  175

Photograph of Unknown Aerial Phenomena taken at Datil, New Mexico by Cpl Lertis E. Stanfield,  Holloman Air Force
Base, New Mexico on 24 and 25 Feb 1950.    An analysis  of the above photograph was made  by Dr. Lincoln LaPaz,  Head
of the Institute of Meteorics,  University  of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, who reached the following conclusions;

a. The angular diameter of the perfectly round luminous  object Stanfield observed was
 approx imately 1/4 of a degree.

b. The angular velocity of the object in the sky was greater than half a degree per minute.

Dr. LaPaz stated that on the basis of the results   (a)  and  (b) above,  the object seen by Stanfield was  not the moon (for the angular, diameter is too small),  it was not Venus or any other planet  (for the angular diameter was too large), and  it was not a bright fixed star slightly out of focus  (for the observed rate of motion is double that due to the diurnal rotation of the earth).