The New Mexico Page

New Mexico Map, Color Relief
New Mexico Map - Project 1947

Project TWINKLE Report - Project 1947
Project TWINLE Report - BB Microfilms, NARA-PBB85-491 - Blue Book Archive
Green Fireballs Over Los Alamos: The New Mexico Missile Crisis - Joel Carpenter
Green Fireball Chronology: 1946-February 1949 Green Fireball Chronology- Joel Carpenter
The Ghost Rockets, Guided Missiles and UFOs: A Tangle of Fear - 1937-53 - Joel Carpenter
Chapter Four: Green Fireballs, Project Twinkle, Little Lights, and Grudge - Ruppelt
Summary of Sightings in the New Mexico Area - La Paz Catalog - Docs 407-479 - BB Microfilm -  Dan Wilson
January 31, 1949: FBI Memo: Protection of Vital Installations - Project 1947
January 31, 1949: CO Kirtland, NM to Chief of Staff,  Director of Special Investigations - Patrick Gross
April 19, 1949 Report: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in New Mexico-West Texas Area - NARA-PBB90 1011-1014
The Importance of Santa Fe Operations, New Mexico - 165-Page Report - AEC

February 16, 1949 - Los Alamos, NM: Conference on Aerial Phenomena
Conference - Docs 374-397
Conference Transcript
Report on Conference - Docs 398-401
April 27-28, 1949 - Kirtland AFB, NM: Concern over Los Alamos, Sandia Base, Capmp Hood
Conference - Docs 635-639
November 3, 1949 - Conference, Scientific Advisory Board to Chief of Staff
Conference Transcript
Report on Conference on "Green Fireballs"

White Sands Newsclippings - BB Microfilm - Dan Wilson
Alleged Sightings At White Sands - Docs 687-702 - BB Microfilm - Dan Wilson
Interesting Concentration of Sightings - Docs 578-583 - BB Microfilm - Dan Wilson
NCP-12: The White Sands Proof - Bruce Maccabee
NCP-13: White Sands Films, Mirarchi, and Project Twinkle - Bruce Maccabee
How Scientists Tracked A Flying Saucer - Cmdr. R. B. McLaughlin, USN (TRUE, March 1950)
May 25, 1950: Cover letter for Summary of Observation of Aerial Phenomenon in the New Mexico Area - Patrick Gross
Have We Visitors From Outer Space? - LIFE Magazine article, April 7, 1952
The New Mexico Sightings - Nuclear Connection Project - Francis Ridge