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                                        DDO UPDATE    AS OF 301300 EST Oct 

                                        OPREP-3 REPORT 

            FROM:  AF/XOOCOA                                     LOG SUP # 1-G 

            EVENT:                                          DATE/TIME OF EVENT: 

            Unidentified Helicopter Intrusion                 30/2255E Oct 1975 

            LOCATION:                                       TIME REPORTED TO AFOC: 

            Wurtsmith AFB, MI                                 30/2327E Oct 1975 

             SAC (Lt Col Giordano) reports than an unidentified helicopter 
             with no lights came up over the back gate at Wurtsmith and 
             hovered over the Weapons Storage Area and then moved on. 
             RAPCON had it painted for a short period.  A tanker at 2700 feet 
             had visual and skin pain out over Lake Huron for about 20 miles 
             heading SE.  Tanker reports he thinks he saw a second skin paint. 
             The tanker lost all contact about 35 miles SE of the base over 
             the lake.  Tanker is still flying trying to locate by means of 
             telephonic search with FAA and RAPCON.  Increased security 
             initiated at Wurtsmith. 
             31/0030E Update:  Lt Col Giordana (SAC Senior Controller) updates 
             and corrects the above information as follows:  An unidentified 
             low flying aircraft came up over the back gate of Wurtsmith and 
             was visually sighted in the vicinity of the motor pool.  RAPCON 
             showed several aircraft at the time, one near the WSA (there was 
             no hovering as previously reported).  A tanker was dispatched and 
             had visual and skin paint out over Lake Huron of a low flying 
             aircraft (with lights on) heading SE at approximately 150 knots. 
             Tanker reports that the aircraft appeared to be joined by another 
             aircraft (with its lights on also).  Tanker reports that both 
             aircraft then turned out their lights simultaneously, as if on 
             signal.  Tanker lost all contact approximately 35 NM SE of the 
             base.  Upon information that the Dept of Natural Resources sends 
             out aircraft searching for hunters spotting dear, the Dept of 
             Natural Resources was contacted; however, they maintain none of 
             their aircraft were in the area at the time. 

            OFFICE  #  PERSON    TIME    TIME  OFFICE  #  PERSON    TIME    TIME 
            SAFOS   2                                              AFLG    1 
            SAFUS   1                                              AFLGY   1 
            SAFOSA  1                                            AFRD    1 
            SAFOI   1                                              AFRDO   1 
            SAFLL   3                                              AFIG    1 
            AFCC    1                                              AFIGI   1 
            AFCV    2                                              AFISC   - 
            AFXO    2                                              AFOSI   1 
            AFXOX   1                                            AFSP    1 
            AFXOOS  1                                          AFDPXJG 1 
            AFXOOC  1                                          AFLC    - 
            AFXOOCO 1                                        NGB     1 
                                                                           NMCC    1  EXA       2330 
            AFPRPL  1                                            D.C.      2238 
                                                                          XCCSG   1  DYER      0016 
                                                                         AFIN    1 
                                                                         XCESS   1