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Smith Brothers Close Encounter
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Nov. 25, 1970

Fran Ridge:

This Close Encounter incident was investigated by Don Ledger and is supported by documents from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The RCMP report states that while on patrol at 9:50 PM on the night of November 25 Constable Ralph Keeping was contacted by Lawrence Smith of Lower Shag Harbour. Smith reported that he and his brother Manus Smith had been driving on old Highway 3 near the western Bear Point turnoff when they encountered some lights in the sky. Investigation shows the incident turned out to be a Close Encounter of the Third Kind and possibly even more.

Don Ledger:
The ones I'd give you are backed up by either RCMP reports or Canadian Armed Forces reports or I've personally investigated. They all come from my book, Maritime UFO Files covering from 1938 to 1998. The attached comes from Maritime UFO Files and is also reported in Dark Object by Don Ledger and Chris Styles and is supported by both my own and Chris Styles investigation and RCMP reports. There are two sightings of the same object at the same time from two locations separated by about 10 miles. One is a civilian sighting and another by a Cpl. in the CAF at radar base Bacarro.

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