Case Directory - Category: 01; Distant Encounters
Subject:     Wife of Security Officer Reports Polished Aluminum Object at 500' Altitude
Date:         December 5, 1950
Location:   Oak Ridge, TN

#1694: 1950/12/5  13:0  1  84:15:0W  36:1:0N  3333  NAM USA TNS  7 7 
Ref# 134 GROSS,L.:UFOs a HISTORY-1950/3 books Book # 3  Page 63 MIL. BASE

Bruce Maccabee:
At about 12:50 PM, December  5,  the wife of one of the security officers saw an unusual object north of her position, flying apparently over the Post Office building in Oak Ridge.  It appeared to be a couple of miles away and 500 feet above the ground.  It appeared to be made of highly polished aluminum or metal that reflected the sun.  Its shape was round and flat or disklike.  She saw the object for about a minute as it flew in a direct course eastward.  Ten minutes later another lady at a different location observed the same or a similar object heading westward.  The OSI agent who investigated this case learned that there was an east wind at 6 mph and a clear sky.  No balloons had been launched near that time.  He also learned that there were two aircraft airborne at the time, but both were about fourteen miles south of the witnesses.   ATIC subsequently claimed that the witnesses saw an aircraft

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