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Orland, California
September 30, 1975

Animal Reaction Feature:
A domed disc emitting a moderate humming sound descended to near the ground in a pasture. A red light on top illuminated the ground around the craft.  Holstein dairy cattle in the pasture bolted, scattering to the far ends of the field.

About 200 yards away, cows in a holding pen stampeded, raising clouds of dust.

Just beyond the holding pen, about 120 cows in an open-sided milking barn backed up in the barn and packed themselves tightly together, pushing each other against interior barriers. Motionless, each cow’s head was riveted in the direction of the disc, ears pointed.  The cows remained packed together for some time after the object departed.

Milk yield was less than average the next day.  The animals showed signs of some nervousness for the next 2 days.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
On a dairy ranch, at 4 am on a clear night with a quarter moon in the sky, Hubert Brown, 22, and Tyron Philips, 37, were busy moving cows and milking.  Brown was in a field to bring in the last string of cows when he saw a bright red glowing object descending rapidly toward him at about a 35-degree angle from the northeast.  The object came within a few feet of the ground near Brown.  The cattle bolted as did Brown, who ran to where Philips was working in the milking shed about 200 yards away.

As they watched, cattle in the holding pen stampeded, and the cattle in the milking barn backed up and crowded together as described above. 

The clearly outlined domed disc was estimated to be 60-70 feet in diameter and had a bright red light on top that illuminated the craft and the ground around it.  There seemed to be windows, but the red glow was so bright, it was difficult to see.  There was a moderate humming sound.  The object hovered and wobbled just above the ground for 30-40 seconds before it suddenly took off at about a 45-degree angle into the sky, disappearing to the west.  No burned or discolored areas were noted on the grass.

No EM effects were reported.

Source:  Cerney, Paul, 1983, Red Object Spooks Farmhands, Cattle: MUFON UFO Journal, v. 189, p. 14-15. 

Red Object Spooks Farmlands, Cattle - Paul Cerney (MUJ-189) 

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