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Radar-Visual Over ATIC
Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio
March 8, 1950

Francis Ridge:
According to the then Project Blue Book Director, Captain Edward Ruppelt, one of the best UFO sightings of 1950 took place right over the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Dayton, Ohio. 

Richard Hall:
In mid-morning, the CAA received a report from Capt. W.H. Kerr, Trans-World Airways pilot, that he and two other TWA pilots had a UFO in sight. A gleaming UFO was visible, hovering at high altitude. CAA also had 20 or more reports on the UFO from the Vandalia area when WPAFB was notified, and sent up four P-51 interceptors. The UFO was also visible to control tower operators and personnel of Air Technical Intelligence Center on the base. Radar had an unidentified target in the same position. (See full report below). 

Brad Sparks:
The date was definitely March 8 not 9, 1950 -- the case was investigated while it happened and newspaper articles the next day March 9 prove that it happened "yesterday."  It has long been thought to be an IFO, or a bunch of them -- sun reflection off ice laden clouds, Venus, and/or the ice laden clouds themselves, and some later radar trackings of a large cloud-like layer which tracks had nothing to do with the visual sightings.  Because this happened right in AMC Project Grudge's backyard and was investigated by AMC personnel including Roy James and James J. Rodgers, it was dragged out by Col Watson's stooges James and Rodgers as "proof" that UFO's were only ice crystals, year after year. However the data do not all add up to simple IFO explanations.  But it is not a very good UFO case either, just some fragmentary details that don't hang together very well.

March 8, 1950; Nr Dayton, Ohio  - Edward Ruppelt
Object Over ATIC - Not a Good Case - Brad Sparks
The P-51 Mustang

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