Domes-, Bowl-, and Saucer-shaped

Flat bottom surface, domed, or raised upper side. Object was very bright
white.  Observer states that it was brighter than a conventional aircraft.  It 
moved South, parallel to US A1A, then turned to Southwest. 

Mar. 14, 1967      Daytona Beach, Florida

Pinkish white lights shining downward on approx. 45-degree angle.

Front view (left side), as object came toward witness at
about 400 to 500 feet altitude as viewed through binoculars

Jan.18, 1967      Shamokin, Pa.

Feb. 16, 1967      Nr. Kingman, Ariz.

Feb. 15, 1967      Hollywood Bottom, Texas

Jan. 15, 1967      Granville, Mass.

Aug. 24, 1967      Australia
(Landing, Humanoids)

Mar. 21, 1967      Nr. Hillsboro, Kans.
(Vehicle encounter, E-M effects)

Apr. 21, 1967      Cocoa Beach, Florida

Feb. 9, 1967      Odessa, Delaware

Nov. 22, 1967      (Animal Reaction)

Jan. 18, 1967  (Vehicle encounter)
S. Williamstown, Mass.

Feb. 23, 1967      Ontario, Canada

Mar. 22, 1967      Wapello, Iowa

Feb. 5 (Humanoids)
Hillianrd, Ohio

May 11, 1967      Wareham, Mass.

Mar. 6, 1967      Nr. Henderson, Ill.

Feb. 20, 1967      Oxford, Wisc.

Mar. 29, 1967        New Ulm, Minn.

Oct. 13, 1967      Alberta, Canada
(Train pacing, E-M effect)

Feb. 25, 1967      Minneapolis, Minn.

The object appeared to be watermelon shaped with two distinct rows
of red lights, two oscillating bands of white light, a blue glowing "exhaust"
and a bright white light.

Aug. 25, 1967      Nr. Roswell, N.M.

Mar. 2, 1967      Memphis, Tenn.

Mar. 31, 1967      Oil City, Pa.

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