Letter from Michael Swords to Fran Ridge in August 2007

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Dear Francis,                                                                           Early August 2007

             I finished reading your essay (“Roswell & the Wave of ‘47”) about a week ago, and am just now getting around to writing.

             The essay’s good, and, as I have spent so much time with my head in that old history of our favorite hobby, I welcome all the respectable research that I can read.

             I’d like to pass on a few meager comments for whatever good they might do. Regarding the base structure at Wright-Pat: as you know the base is a glued-together organization which has three different loc’s (T-1, T-2, and T-3 in the old days). T-1, to the east, is Peterson Field, which was a relatively normal airbase, whose commanding officer was junior to the powers in T-2 and T-3. T-3, to the west, was the hi-technology “engineering” area, Wright Field, where the eggheads resided and this included several Nazi post-war “imports”. In between, but on the Patterson side is/was T-2, the AMC/ATIC “Intelligence” division, home of Sign, Ruppelt et al. T-2 can be taxi’d to by landing at Patterson. If you could taxi to T-2 by landing at Wright, it wouldn’t be a normal procedure, and I don’t believe that they did thing that way.

             During WWII and just after, the boys picking up air crash “junk” from the war were flying them (the pieces of planes, etc) into T-3 for the engineers to analyze – not the T-2 for the “intelligence” guys. That made sense. The engineers (even Mack McCoy and Alfred Loedding) had their offices (McCoy & Loedding double located) in the T-3 area, and T-3 was where the big “spaces” and equipment was.

             I believe that the Roswell “stuff” went to T-3, not T-2.

These are my reasons, bleak as they are:

a)      T-3 did that job & was geared to it;

b)      T-3 had the on-site brains for it;

c)      T-3 had large facilities which could be made secret;

d)      The olde rumors have always said Wright, and although there’s no “Hangar 18”, there is a building 18 which looks (by position & function) to be a good candidate for all this;

e)      One of Schmitt’s witnesses (Henderson? or I think one of the 1st hands) said he flew to Wright field. 

             Well, I suppose all that could be viewed as trivial, but it points out one other thing to me if it was true – the T-2 personnel need not have been in this particular loop. I’d guess McCoy and Twining were, and maybe that’s why McCoy was very particular about misrepresenting the status of “no crashes” in the so-called “McCoy memo” – in an ultra Top Secret situation he’d been told to absolutely minimize the distribution of knowledge that there might have been a crash. (& the generally-constituted USAF Scientific Advisory Board had no need to know this particular “operation” – it wasn’t their job.) Leaks & gossip undoubtedly trickled around WRPAT, and some ultimately got to “us”, but the bulk of T-2 was probably left guessing, just like the bulk of everyone else. ( Pentagon USAF, CIA, etc).

             That’s what (maybe) I know. I’ve attached a couple of maps for whatever use they might be.

                                                                                                 God Bless & Peace,

                                                                                                  Mike Swords.

 PS. I’d like to hear you continue to analyze the peculiar sightings pattern you’ve teased out. 

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