05-??-1932 USA,St. Paris,Ohio,?

This picture of George Sutton of St. Paris, Ohio was taken near midday on a summer noon.  We can see that it was in 1932 from the license plate on the automobile in the photo that accompanied this shot.

05-??-1932 USA.St. Paris,Ohio,?

The unidentified flying object in the picture could not have been a street lamp, simply because there were no street lamps at the time.  There are no power poles or power lines visible anywhere in this picture.  This picture of George Sutton of  St.  Paris, Ohio, taken near midday shows a vintage automobile with a 1932 license plate on the front bumper.  The owner of the photo album says there were no electric street lights along this road in those days.  Nobody has been able to account for the dark object seen over Sutton's left shoulder in this photograph.