Petit-Rechain, Belgium
April 4 or 7, 1990

Mark Cashman:
"Mr. P. M. is a young worker (turner). The photo was allegedly made at the beginning of April 1990 (4 or 7 probably). The photographer's girl friend saw the object and gave him notice. He had a roll nearly finished in his apparatus and made the two last (numbers 35 and 36). Then he sent the roll to a lab which was offering cheap prices. When the roll came back, only 35 was good, there was practically nothing on 36. P. M. showed the 2 photos to several people working with him (they have been found back and have confirmed), and then threw away number 36. One of his colleagues, Mr. L. R., spoke to a press photograph, who bought the copyright (Mr. L. R. and other colleagues have confirmed this part of the story). Then the photo appeared in the press (a couple of months after it had been made)."[footnote 1]

Kodak 200 ASA film, Praktika BX20 with Cokin 1A skylight filter on zoom setting, exposure 2 seconds at f4 [footnote ]

Petit image 1

(Slight contrast enhancement)

Petit image - brightness and contrast enhanced

(Brightness and contrast enhanced)

Luminosity Details:
Petit image - luminosity details: top


Petit image - luminosity details: right


Petit image - luminosity details: bottom


1. Personal e-mail communication, Jean-Pierre Pharabod,


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