Group/Category 2
Close Encounters - Objects Within 500' of Witness

Spauer/Neff, Portage County UFO Chase
Ravenna, Ohio
April 17, 1966

Francis Ridge:
If this incident seems familiar to you, just maybe you saw the motion picture, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Investigated by NICAP's William Weitzel, this report, also known as the Spauer/Neff Case, was the basis for the UFO "chase" in this film. This case involves police witnesses, confrontation, light beam, brilliant illumination, light engulfment, sound, cat and mouse chase, with rapid upward departure. Special thanks go out to Mark Rodeghier of CUFOS for providing the documentation and to Loy Pressley for converting them into text so I could make the web pages. 

Dr. James E. McDonald:
Ravenna, Ohio (April 17, 1966) calls for reevaluation not only on the scientific grounds involved, but also to avoid unfairly subjecting to local public ridicule the several officers who have testified.  (Compare Bertrand & Hunt in the Exeter case) The available evidence (especially Wm. Weitzel's extensive report for NICAP) seems to me to make the astronomical explanation, that now stands as the official Air Force evaluation, quite unreasonable. 

The Portage County Ohio UFO Chase  Report - Richard Hall
The Documentation - Courtesy of CUFOS
 Two news articles about the case supplied by Kenny Young
Cassette tape available from FUFOR: "Portage County, Ohio, UFO Chase

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