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Observational Evidence Of Propulsion
Princeton, Indiana
August 1973

Francis Ridge: 
This is one case I will always remember. Not just because I investigated it first hand, but because of the intimate details missing from many other UFO incidents. And if it hadn't been for a nearby lightning strike the sighting might have rated no more than a nocturnal light It happened in August of 1973, but wasn't reported until January of 1976 to the UFO Filter Center in Mt. Vernon. I was very impressed with the person reporting and with some of the details of the incident which appeared to be observational evidence of  the "Sorenson Effect". I later found a foreign photograph that depicted the same "super dark cone" that the witness had reported below the object. Although the drawing suggests an "Adamski-type" saucer, the witness had merely drawn what he and the two other witnesses had observed and agreed on, a "disc" with a "little rolled edge" on a "straight up & down cupola", items like portholes, and the "cone".


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