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going toward Canfield, Ravenna asked Salem to see if someone could photograph the object.  Both stations at this time believed Spaur to be traveling on 14A, which goes southeast from Deerfield to Salem.  (This is one reason why there were not more witnesses.)  When the pursuit vehicle passed 534, Salem expected them to arrive in the vicinity soon; 534 crosses both 14 and 14A.  Two police officers in Salem, Lonnie Johnson and Ray Esterly, left the Salem Police Station and went in their cruiser to a hill nearby, watching the sky for something (they weren't clear as to just what they were looking for).  Although they expected the object to arrive from the northwest, they suddenly saw, to the east, three jets chasing (or so it appeared to them) a large, bright object.  One jet was behind it, seemingly at the same altitude, about a mile.  The other two were arcing in from the left (north), coming toward the first jet.  The object appeared about five times as large as the jet behind it.  All three jets had contrails; the object did not.  The four were traveling roughly southeast.  The officers were facing in the general direction  of Columbiana.  They radioed in their sighting, continued to watch a short time, and returned to the station within 10 (ten) minutes.  At this time, radio traffic indicated that Spaur and Neff had reached a point east of Columbiana, near Firestone Farms.  After they called in, and before they returned, and at about 5:30 AM EST, radio operator Jack E. Cramer and police Lieutenant Richard M. Whinnery heard a voice on the radio (Cramer states either 155 or 29.58 mc (or MHz):  "I'm going down to take a look at it. . . . I'm right above it, and it's about forty-five feet across; something trailing behind it. . . . like a ball of fire".  This voice was louder than normal received traffic, did not identify itself, and come on only this one time. 

The log at the base radio for Columbiana County Sheriff's Office, near Lisbon, indicates that at 5:35 Spaur and Neff were at the state line. 

At intersection of I65 and 14-46, Spaur and Neff believed the object they were pursuing rose to an altitude of about 1000 feet. 

Johnson and Esterly, the police officers watching the jets, estimated their altitude to be 10,000 to 20,000 feet.  They were not certain the object was at the same altitude, although they said it looked to be.  Johnson has had flying experience, in USAF (A2C).  Both could clearly see the jets' outline, exhaust flame, and space between jets and contrails.  Elevation was about twenty-five degrees; object was flying level.  They watched for "less than two minutes". 

All four men signed statements certifying the above, except the radio operator for Columbiana County (Orville Scarry), who allowed the complete log of the chase to be copied, such as it was (from 5:35 on).  Neither Ravenna nor Salem logged any details of the chase; both radio operators, however, seem to have clear memories of it. 

4)  Patrolman Wayne Huston, East Palestine Police, had been listening to the traffic from Portage County, and on his own initiative, waited in Unity, Ohio, for Spaur and Neff to come by.  His expectation was fulfilled.  A few minutes before they passed him, he heard them on his radio.  He saw the object coming from the northwest, over Rte. 14, and fly overhead.  He estimated its altitude was 1000 feet. It appeared to have a "partly melted ice-cream cone" shape; dome-shaped top and bright cone-shaped bottom.  Not certain, he said, whether the bottom was solid or not. P-13 (Spaur and Neff) were in hot pursuit immediately behind.  He had been standing beside his cruiser, OV-1, and when they passed, jumped in and followed, southeast on 14.  It took some time to catch up.  OV-1 communicated with P-13 by  radio.  Eventually they were bumper to bumper, comparing notes and commenting on

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