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Weitzel to Powers 5/4/66                                     page 4 

John Bieghey, radio operator at Rochester, denies transmitting a report that "two" had been sent up after the UFO.  He did, however, call the control tower at Greater Pittsburgh Airport.  He was told to wait his turn, as he said it was put, while someone from the Pa. State Patrol finished his business.  When Bieghey reported the UFO, he was given a number to call.  He relayed this to Panzanella.  By this time, Panzanella had given Spaur some fuel, and Spaur decided to return.  Panzanella stayed to watch the UFO disappearing, but when Bieghey called  him with the number he had been given by someone at the control tower, Panzanella went after Spaur and Huston, intercepted them, and they went into Rochester to make the call.  Huston states to "Some colonel".  Spaur does not remember the identify or credentials of the person to who he spoke, but Bieghey believes it was an Air Force officer.  Spaur said the person offered several items for Spaur to compare his UFO to, "He didn't give me a chance to say what I saw," and promised the report would be forwarded to Wright-Patterson.  No one else talked with this person. 

When Spaur, Neff and Huston got to East Palestine, they stopped to say goodbye to each other.  At this time they were joined by a Columbiana Deputy Sheriff, with whom I've talked.  There is more in my notes about this but they are unavailable right now. 

At 7:30 in Lisbon, this notation, not a communication, was entered in the Columbiana County radio log:  "P-13 contacted a Pittsburgh PD unit and they scrambled some jets, that flew under the object."  I have still not located the source of this report. 

Further notes:  At the beginning, and subsequently, of the sighting, a buzzing or humming noise seemed to be associated with the object.  When it accelerated, the object's light intensity increased, and the humming noise went up in pitch. 

Also at the beginning of the sighting, a deputy sheriff (who prefers to remain anonymous) on the other side of the hill, positioned in Atwater, saw a (the) UFO over the trees in the direction of Spaur and Neff, just as they saw it first. At some times, when going east, Spaur watched the UFO out of his left window, to the north. 
The UFO continued to illuminate the ground until dawn broke. Its apparent brightness dimmed when the sky lit up, but it continued to be brightly self-luminous, except for the top portion in the rear of the object. 
Monday, April 18, an afternoon NBC news broadcast said a jet trainer with the 459th Troop Carrier Wing, Youngstown AFR, flew near the UFO and heard a humming noise.  I have no information on this.  On this day also, the news carried a report (from ?) that the object had been a weather balloon. 
On Friday, April 22, Major Hector Quintanilla called Mantua Village Police Chief Gerald Buchert at 3:10 PM to tell him the object he had though he photographed to the southeast of Mantua, around the time Spaur and Neff were chasing the UFO, was a flaw in the negative.  Sheriff Ross Dustman was informed that the object of the chase had been first a satellite, then Venus.  Sheriff Dustman did not accept this explanation. 
Chief Buchert photographed an object which was perhaps the same one Spaur and Neff chased, but most likely not.  While he heard over his radio that they were in pursuit, it was moving up and down (relative to, actually above and below) near some power lines or phone wires in front of his home.  The film seems inconclusive; two dark arcs are not separated by any frame boundaries.* There is no warping, or was none when I examined it, at these points.  They could not, however, as the Air Force implied, be an image of Venus.             (* or to be interpreted as separate objects, either; there are no frame boundaries at all in this area.) 

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