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Weitzel to Powers 5/4/66                                     page 5 

A densitometer examination of the negative should reveal whether the dark portion of the arcs which Buchert and the press assumed represented the UFO are darker or lighter than the background.  If they are darker than the minimum exposure in that area (slight fogging), they could not be of any object at all, except one which emits negative light (a gratuitous, though ad hoc and scientifically unsound, qualification).  The Air Force has issued several statements deprecating this peculiar image:  flaw in negative, poor handling in development, old foggy film, and Venus-image.  I do not know if a densitometer check was made.  NICAP's Pittsburgh Subcommittee has this equipment, but I was able to examine the negative only in the presence of Chief Buchert.  At any rate, I consider the film to be irrelevant because of the lack of correlation between Buchert's sighting, and that of Spaur and Neff, and between the peculiar image(s) on the film, and the deputies' description of the object.  (Irrelevant to the P-13 sighting, that is.)  The press gave this item much attention because there was a Photograph. 

That's all for the moment, Prof. Powers.  Sorry, it isn't more complete.  I have to listen to several tapes and make some more calls.  If you want more, please write or call.  Address:  5709 Woodmont St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217.  Phone:  412-521-7675. I will get on top of this confusion (moving in) within a few days, and wrap up this phase. 

Hoping to hear from you soon. 
                                                                           William B. Weitzel 


PS  None of the following associated with this UFO:  color changes (only white); EM effects; physiological effects, either during or after, such as heat, tingling, disorientation, or the like; radioactivity -- Spaur and P-13 were checked by local CD unit just after sighting; I checked the 224 hovering site 16 hours later. 

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