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I regret exceedingly that your report seemed to have been taken lightly, or even disbelieved. I can see no reason for your being insulted in this way, and I apologize for whatever part my report to the Air Force may have played in leading to such a result. I have no reason whatsoever to doubt that you saw exactly what you described. 

In defense of the Air Force handling of this case, I would like to point out a fact that is not generally known: at the time of this sighting and the previous Michigan sighting, Project Bluebook had just lost its chief ( and essentially its only) field investigator, who had just retired. Hence Maj. Quintenilla had to rely on reports from inexperienced investigators, and was forced to do most of his own investigating by telephone. I can understand why he may have received false impressions himself via the telephone conversations because when I read the detailed statements by yourself and other officers, given to Mr. Weitzel, I realized that there was much of importance that I had missed. I think you will agree that conditions on the night I called you were not ideal for a telephone interview! Also, you must realize that since the Michigan sightings, the Major has been flooded with letters and angry telephone calls - that press release may well be nothing more than a perfectly human reaction on the part of a man who has had to put up with some pretty disgusting insults himself. Dr. Hynek's "swamp gas" analysis was definitely not popular, although I tend to think it was a good guess, since I do know a lot about the circumstances surrounding those sightings. 

Another factor that may help explain ( not excuse) the evaluation is the fact that only a few weeks ( or was it just a week?) before, a deputy sheriff in Washtenaw County, Michigan, took some time exposures of what he thought were two UFOs, which turned out to be Venus and the Moon. I'll stake my reputation, such as it is, on that 

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