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one, since I measured the trails, calculated the positions, and found that everything checks with that analysis. Everything, that is, but the deputy's idea of what he was photographing. Anyway, that one was really played up by the newspapers, who used blowups that exaggerated the length of the trails and cut out the hills and streetlights at the bottom of the picture, and gave everyone the impression that the dust-specks were stars. So when I said "Venus" that no doubt set off the expected train of thought. 

Project Bluebook now has a new field investigator, a young lieutenant who seems pretty bright; he's coming to our Observatory so we can talk over with him the way an investigation has to be carried out if it is going to lead to respectable conclusions. For reasons I won't to into, I am sure he will work out much better than the previous man. If it is any comfort to you, your sighting and the subsequent news release may have been the combination needed  to cause a significant improvement in the general handling of such cases.  I hope you can still remember what it was like when you had never seen a UFO - it takes a long time for anyone, who has good sense, to absorb all the reports and gradually realize that there may be something really worth looking into among them. So many of them turn out to be ordinary objects, that one can easily get into the habit of writing them all off. You are very fortunate to have had first-hand contact with something unusual. A person who has not had such an experience, who must judge only on the basis of people's words, has a much harder time knowing what to believe. 

One last word or two: Judging from your statements after the press release, I would judge that you are not particularly anti- Air Force - you only want to be treated like honest men.  I hope that you will see fit to consider this letter as between you and me. I have no desire to embarrass Project Bluebook: I just want to 

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