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see what I can do to help it work better. I think that the Air Force is probably the best-equipped organization for investigating UFOs, and we ought to air at seeing what we can do to get that vast machinery moving a little more in the right direction. We won't do that by getting the press into a fight with Bluebook. A man on the defensive isn't going to listen to reason, and the Air Force is run by men, even as you and I. I don't see any harm in your letting the people around you know that your story is believed, and that the Air Force may possibly revise its opinion on the basis of more complete information, but I would think that it would be best for now not to get this in the papers. I'm writing this letter for your personal peace of mind, not to satisfy the casual curiosity of the public. Not that I think the public should be kept in the dark -  it's just that the Air Force is in a ticklish position right now, and I want to give them a chance to clean their own house. Of course you don't have to do anything I say - I'm not in the Air Force or under their orders, and neither is Dr. Hynek.  I hope you will think it over, though. 

 In the meantime, we're collecting all the information on the sighting that we can, here at Dearborn. If you find out any more, such as additional witnesses who might trust us enough to tell us their stories, we'd appreciate it. Just in case the file is re-opened. If it isn't re-opened - well, we'll deal with that when it happens, if it does. 

                                      Yours truly, 

                                      William T. Powers 
                                      Systems Engineer 
                                      Dearborn Observatory 
                                      Northwestern University 
                                      Evanston, Illinois 

 Please excuse my lousy typing - I wanted to get this letter off to you.

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