Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2013 10:16:45 -0800
From: Ananda Sirisena & Rob Duvall
Subject: UFO Sighted Near British Nuclear Weapons Facility
, Sept. 11, 2004

Ananda Sirisena:

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The couple observed the object for a short while, which ML estimated to be a
few minutes. He had gotten out of the van and climbed up on the bonnet
(hood) to get a better look. I asked ML to sketch the object. He was able to
do this in a matter of a minute or so. I took him outside to look at the sky
and asked him to give me an approximation of the angle subtended by the
object. That is, it's length as it appeared to the naked eye. The figure
below is the first sketch made by ML. It shows a classic "flying saucer"
When ML told me where he had stopped the van, I realized that they had been
very close to a sensitive Ministry of Defence (MOD) property! The couple
were just past Church Lane, located on Burghfield Road, as it approached the
M4 motorway, near the city of Reading. The massive object was hovering over
a field adjacent to AWE-the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston.
(The facility was previously known as AWRE, the Atomic Weapons Research

The website for AWE states, "AWE plays a crucial role in the defence of the
United Kingdom, by providing and maintaining the warheads for the country's
nuclear deterrent. We are a centre of scientific and technological excellence, with some of the most advanced research, design and production facilities in the world."

So ML and his wife had spotted what they called a "spaceship" next door to
the Atomic Weapons Establishment. Suddenly, from a hovering position, the
UFO started to move directly over the MOD site, then rapidly towards the M4
motorway. At that point, it was out of sight.

ML is convinced that there must have been many other witnesses because of
the sheer size of the Unidentified Flying Object and its proximity to AWE.
He is certain that the object must have been captured on the innumerable
security cameras surrounding the site. He is also certain that the object
must have been sighted by drivers on the M4 motorway and possibly even
picked up by the cameras that monitor traffic on that busy link between
South Wales and London.

It was later established that the sighting had taken place on the 11th of
September 2004. Whilst ML appreciates that this case is not "news" after so
many years, he would like some kind of official confirmation of his
sighting. He feels that the UFO must have been tracked on radar, been seen
by satellite, and visually observed by many other people.

His wife is equally mystified by the appearance of this object. Her first
reaction was that it was a 'spaceship' and she has not changed her opinion
since. What was it doing hovering over a highly sensitive MOD site? Did the
armed guards at AWE spot it? Where did it come from? Where did it go? These
are questions we have no answers to at the moment.

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by Robert Hastings:

According to declassified FBI and U.S. Air Force documents, the U.S. equivalent of the AWE facility-the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico-was repeatedly monitored by UFOs, as early as December 1948. Other U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories under apparent surveillance in the early 1950s included Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Sandia Laboratory, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Robert Duvall
Dec 16, 2013

The recent history at Aldermaston is pertinent to activity there. The US
under George W Bush began a program to design and build a Reliable
Replacement Warhead for the aging plutonium warheads currently on missiles
or stockpiled. That program has continued to receive political support under
the Obama administration. In 2009 an FOI request in Britain by Martin
Butcher regarding American use of the hydrodynamic facilities at AWE
Aldermaston resulted in a response that admitted US participation or dual
use going far back in the facilities history. Much of the work was focused
on understanding the aging in warheads, but apparently other work occurred
with regard to Trident warhead replacement. In 2010 the US budget was
approved with funding for RRW as reported in March 2010 in the Weekly
Standard by Michael Anton. Debate had been heated for several years with
nuclear weapons reduction and non-proliferation high on Obama's list. The
Republicans won out. The timing of this collapse of effort to keep the RRW
effort at bay cannot be overlooked. The UAP or UFO activity at Warren AFB as
researched by Robert Hastings was not random and falls into a pattern the
past had revealed regarding warhead and vehicle upgrades. With one exception
- past activity tended to follow the efforts near closing - this was
preemptive and appears to be intended to send a strong message, if such
messages are ever acknowledged. There may have been other related activity
around the US including Washington D.C. Back at Aldermaston protests were
ongoing and much news was centered around the facility and the apparent lack
of transparency regarding plans for the facility. According to an article in
the Daily Mail Dec. 20, 2008, the British Government sold off its one third
holdings in the AWE to Jacobs Engineering, California. The AWE was now
two-thirds owned by American interests with Lockheed Martin owning the other
third. A British firm Serco owns the remaining third. It is not surprising
that UFO have been active at the AWE facility for some time and probably
more so in recent years. Reason plays a role with regard to this activity.
In my studied opinion, it has historically in the UK, France, the USSR,
China, the US, and in any other nuclear states declared or otherwise. It
will continue as long as the condition exists.