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Subject: Morro Bay incident, Dec. 30, 1946
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A bulletin of contact and information for students of psychic research and parapsychology.

Published by N.  Meade Layne, M.  A.
Three- Six- One- 5 Alexia Place,
San Diego, 4, California.

Volume  3                       #2

February 1947

Round Robin:

Space Ships Again?

In Round of December last we reprinted a memorandum from the distinguished author Ella Young concerning an extraordinary air-craft observed by her in 1927, and remarkable lights seen on the 20th of last October.  We are now in receipt of the following note from Miss Young, along with a verification from the friend who accompanied her.

        "Yesterday, December 30, I was with a friend on the high ground that curves southward from Morro Bay.  We were looking at the sky to the south where the sun had gone down - golden, with the bank of cloud mist, also golden, on the horizon.  The time was 25 minutes of six.  Suddenly a dark object appeared in the sky; it came forward and grew more distinct.  It was very black on the golden sky, and was coming forward head-on - an air machine of some sort.  It had a bat-like appearance owing to the curve of its wings.  There may have been motion at the extreme tip of each wing but I could not be sure.  It appeared to stand still - for several minutes in the form was most distinct. Suddenly it either lowered itself towards the horizon, or the bank of cloud mist made an upward movement (perhaps both movements occurred), for the machine passed behind the cloud and did not again appear.  Immediately afterward a great flush of colour spread on the sea...  I enclose a statement from my friend ..."

         This is very good observation and reporting.  The underscoring in the paragraph quoted above is by the  RR editor.  The bat-like appearance, the curved wings, the possible motion of the wing-tips, in the standing still for several minutes (too long for illusion caused by straight-angle vision), all jibe nicely with descriptions of the "Kareeta" as reported exclusively in Round Robin.  But we must also set down the note received from Miss Young's companion:

        "a friend and I were sitting near Morro Bay about 5:30 in the evening of Dec. 30, watching the sunset over the sea.  As brilliant colours poured into the sky, golden and bright red, a large blackish shape appeared.  We thought it was a large airplane but notice that the wings were larger than usual and that they curved like the wings of a bat or bird.  They were wider and broader, also.  The shape flew slightly toward land, then hung poised in the air for at least more than five minutes.  Then rather suddenly a large band of golden cloud floated in front of it, blotting it out completely.  The sunset deepened in color but the shape had disappeared.  I thought this might be of interest to you, as there is no doubt about the shape."

An Interested Observer.

          Eager as we are for information, it is not necessary to inform this editor that a plane either approaching or receding at a straight angle appears for a time to be stationary.  But "several minutes" and "at least more than five minutes" would greatly alter the size and apparent distance of even the slowest aircraft in use.  On the other hand except for the little used helicopter, our planes do not hang poised.  Miss Young's companion also comments on the unusual and curved appearance of the wings.

          And as was little lately pointed out in Flying Roll, RR friend Vincent Gaddis has collected data on some thirty-odd instances of mysterious flying objects, widely varying in appearance - nearly all of of recent date.  And perhaps we dare mention also, that a sťance communicator, in the Mark P. sťances at San Diego, while discussing the Mendocino County phenomena, quite unexpectedly remark that we should "look out for sky phenomenon also."  He asserted that the earth is now entering an unusual special relationship to the etheric world, that as a consequence many objects of the etheric plane would become visible to normal vision (including the Nature spirits) - and implied that various sky appearances would result from the same cause.

          We have been reproached for degrading Round Robin into sensationalism and approaching the level of a Sunday Supplement, while professional hunters-out of the marvelous, such as the Fortean Society, completely ignore our reports, in favor of "bigger and better bear tracks", as correspondent J.  T.  puts it.  But the facts which promised to be of great human significance are not to be ignored, simply because they happen to be more sensational than any fiction-mongering.  There is a new type of "news" in the making, which the spiritualists press so far is not even aware of, in which the "secular" press refuses to deal with on a factual basis - though here and there a glimmer of almost human intelligence shines through.

          The phenomenon of the Nature spirits of the mountains of Mendocino County continue to receive indirect confirmation, both from other persons then Mr. John who had visited that area, and from similar instances which are reported to Round Robin from other localities.  We are sufficiently impressed by these, so that we pass on to our readers another suggestion from a sťance communicator.  "Go out into the country where there is plenty of foliage and grass, sit down quietly for a while - and watch especially for flashes or centers of green light.  With a little patience there is an excellent chance of seeing some of the Nature spirits."  Relax the body perfectly quiet, and receptive, harmless and friendly.  Remember that no clairvoyance is required.  If there are quick flittering movements around you, do not be startled or alarmed by them.  And one may experiment many times and in different places without results - and yet in the end see some beautiful and unforgettable thing.  (And if or when you do, tell RR about it)

And the Home of the Devils?

          Relevantly to the above, we call attention to the article in TIME of January 20, headed Home of Devils? It refers to "Headless Valley" on the south the Nahanni River, 300 miles east of Whitehorse, Yukon.  13 hunters and prospectors have disappeared in this region, and the three bodies found are said to have been headless.  We can think up half a dozen explanations for this, without resorting to goblins and elementals.  At the same time, people who think malignant elementals belong to nursery books and old wives tales only, still have many things to learn - some of them very unpleasant.  Perhaps we shall know more about this next fall, when or if ex-Marine Bateman and Army veteran Carolan return from their expedition into the valley.

Memo.  Sense RR by Prof. Charles J.  Ryan,Theosophical University.