Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 09:41:40 -0600
From: francis ridge <>
Subject: Three Sightings Precedes Arnold

Still another document that contained a special element of particular fascination to military Intelligence, which was indications of flying saucer sightings prior to the Kenneth Arnold June 24th report, arrived at Air Corps Headquarters in the form of a letter on July 21st. Authored by a couple of Virginian meteorologists, it is worth quoting at length: (See cxase directory)

"... Mr. Walter Minezewski has observed this strange metallic disc on three occasions through the theodolite while making his pibal observation during the last six months (November, 1946 - April, 1947). Miss Baron's report agrees with Mr. Minezewski observations except as to the color which she reported as a dull metallic luster. Mr. Minezewski last observed this disc in April, 1947, at the 1100 E Pibal Observation when the balloon was at 15,000 feet. The disk was followed for 15 seconds, apparently moving on level flight from east to west to the far north of the station. The object was a metallic-like-chrome shaped something like an ellipse with a flat level bottom and a dome-like round top. The disc appeared below the ·balloon, was much larger in size in the instrument, and shining like silver. It was impossible to estimate the height or speed of the disc except that it appeared to be moving very rapidly. Miss Baron observed the disc when her balloon was at about 27,000 feet. All of the days in question were either clear or with very few clouds and good visibility." 203.

 (UFOs: A History 1947 Vol. 1, 52)