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Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, A-2
Hamilton Field, California

4AFDA 25 August 1947

SUBJECT: Flying Disc

TO: Special Agent in Charge, FBI, U. S. Department of Justice, Federal Office Building, Room 422, San Francisco, Calif.

1. The attached true copy of a letter from Mr. F. M. Johnson
was received by this officer 22 August 1947.

2. Your attention is invited to the similarity between Arnold's
early report and this gentleman's report. A possibility exists that Mr.
Johnson might have read some of this in the newspapers when Arnold
was published re this matter.

3. This headquarters does not intend to investigate this incident.
It is requested that a result of any interview you may make be furnished
this headquarters.

Ltr fr F.M. Johnson Lt. Colonel, GSC
(True Cy)
AC of S, A-2



PORTLAND, OREGON, August 20th 1947

Lt. Col. Donald L. Springer, Assistant Staff
Sir. Saw in the portland paper a short time ago in regards to an article in regards to the so called flying disc having any basis of fact. I can say am a prospector and was in the Mt Adams district on June 24th the day Kenneth Arnold of Boise Idaho claims he saw a formation of flying disc. And I saw the same flying objects at about the same time. Having a telescope with me at the time I can asure you they are real and noting like them I ever saw before they did not pass verry high over where I was standing at the the time. plobly 1000 ft. they were Round about 30 feet in dimater tapering sharply to a point in the lead end in an oval shape. with a bright top surface. I did not hear any noise as you would from a plane. But there was an object in the tail and looked like a big hand of a clock shifting from side to side like a big magnet. There speed as far as i know seemed to be greater than anything I ever saw. Last view I got of the objects they were standing on edge Banking in a Cloud.

Yours respectfully

F.M. Johnson
106 No. West 1st Ave
Portland, Oregon



Lt. Colonel, GSC,
AC of S, A-2