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Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 18:09:41 -0500
From: Keith Chester <Projectbluebook@comcast.net>
Subject: Skunk Report, Unidentified Subs, USO, Cover Lettert 22 April 1948  (5-page)
To: Francis Ridge <nicap@insightbb.com>, Carl Feindt <waterufo@prodigy.net>, A-Team,CE,SHG

Hi Carl and Francis,

I have attached documents that took me nearly ten years to get through FOIA. Though it might be out there already somewhere in the public domain, the records I got this from have been classified since 1948! Apparently, Iím the first to access these from the Archives. But you never know what sleuths like Jan Aldrich has already uncovered, via another depository, as many copies were usually distributed to different agencies.

Upon first read of the first page, please note that it seems a submarine was observed. But on the second page (3rd sighting), oddly, it says: "The shape of the vessel as described by the pilot of #1 sighting, who sighted an object which resembled a submarine." Key phrase here: "resembled a submarine." This clearly presents a very different picture. The 4th sighting uses the word "appeared" in its description. As I've mentioned in /Strange Company/ and during my lectures, terminology was a significant factor when determining if the witness actually observed a known object or if the witnessed observed something that looked like something familiar. Air wise, flares and jets were a significant issue, now and then. Of course, all this is strengthened by the report's title, "Unusual Sightings Along Aleutian Chain."

There may be nothing to this report, other than a Russian submarine conducting reconnaissance. Nonetheless, I thought it interesting.