Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 07:05:32 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Transcription of docs MAXW-PBB4-640, 641,643 for Grays Harbor, Washington; Oct 30, 1948


Case file #24-3                                 
DO #20, MoChord AFB


1.  Investigation initiated' by District Commander, DO #20, MoChord
AFIB, Washington, on receipt of letter from Headquarters, Air Materiel Command,
Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio, dated 19 November 48, subject "Project
SIGN", requesting investigation of an unidentified flying object allegedly
seen by Major MORRIS and Lt. "KOONEMAN" of the 318th All Weather Fighter Squad-
ron, McChord AFB, Washington, on or about 30 October 48 while on a controlled
mission for the ir Defense Control Center, 634th Aircraft Control Squadron,
Everett, Washington. (See Inclosure #1)


2.  On 24 November 48, 2nd Lt ROBERT L. KUNEMAN, A0-2027143, 318th
Fighter Squadron, McChord AFB, was interviewed in this offloe and a sworn
statement obtained. Lt KUNEMAN stated that on 30 October 1948, at approximate-
ly 1430 hours, Pacific Standard Time, he saw a formation of unidentified ob-
jects, while on a flying mission approximately fifteen miles northwest of Grays
Harbor, Washington.  Lt KUNEMAN stated that these objects were at approximately
eight thousand (8,000) feet and travelling, apparently quite rapidly, in an
Easterly, then Northerly direction. The objects were in Lt. KUNEMAN's sight for
approximately twenty (20) seconds, and he mentioned the matter to the pilot,
Major MORRIS, who was fairly busy at that time and did not see the objects. Lt
KUNEMAN stated that these objects first appeared yellow in color, ohanging to
white, then disappeared, that the objects looked rather translucent immediately
before disappearance. He could not give any descrription as to size, shape or
other identifying data. (Sec statement of Lt KUNEMAN, Inolosure #2.)

3.  On 7 December 48, Major HOMER WILLIAM MORRIS, A0-1699412, 318th
Fighter Squadron, McChord AFB, was interviewed in this office and a sworn state-
ment obtained. Major MORRIS stated that on or about 30 Ootober 48, Lt. KUNEMAN
and himself left McChord AFB at approximately 1400 hours on a special instrument
flight controlled by the G.C.I. (606th Aircraft Control and Warning Group) at
Neah. Bay, Washington. He stated that their first interception proved to be a
small freighter travelling South. He was given a bearing to follow for his
second interception and just prior to reaching this location his Radar Observer,
Lt. KUNEMAN exclaimed over the interphone system that he saw a very fast-moving
object in the air and asked Major MORRIS if he had observed it. Major MORRIS
stated that he did not see anything and, inasnuoh as they had reached the
rcndcsvous of the interception and nothing was visible at that time, he radioed
the Ground Control Station and asked if they had passed over their target. He
received the reply, "Break lt off. There is nothing there." Major MORRIS
stated that the fact that the G. C. I. station had said that they did have a
target out there and later on stated there was no target there, was the reason
that he had allowed Lt KUNEMAN to report his observations. He stated that
KUNEMAN is a trained observer. (See statement of Major MORRIS, Inclosure #3.



Case file #24-3                                                   
DO #20, McoChord AFB

4.     On 24 November 48, this agent determined, after reviewing the
records maintained by Base Operations and the 83rd Military Flight Service
Center, McChord AFB, that no United States military or Naval aircraft were
flying in the general area mentioned by Lt KUNEMAN,  on 30 October 1948, between
1500 and 1600 hours.

5.     On 24 November 48,  1st Lt JAMES F.  0HLIGSHLAGER, AQ-758214, 2101st
Weather Squadron, McChord AFB, was interviewed and the weather sequence was ob-
tained for 30 October at 1618 hours, in the Grays Harbor area.    This sequence
is as followsi,


The winds aloft report was indicated a fifteen (15) to twenty  (20) Knot Velocity
at 290 to 300 from eight thousand (8,000) feet to ten thousand (10,000)  feet.

6.    On 7 Deeember 48, Major JAMES H.  ROSE, A0-905550, S-3, 595th Air-
craft Control and Warning Group, McChord AFB, was interviewed and a verbal
statement obtained.    Major ROSS stated that the Ground Control Station at Neah
Bay, Washington, must have picked up ssame object on the Radar Scope and then
lost it prior to Major MORRIS airoraft arriving at the interception, point.
Major ROSE stated to this agent that he would cooperate to his utmost to
determine if some object was picked up and lost at the time and date lndicated
by .Major MORRIS and Lt. KUNEMAN.

7.    This agent ascertained the following information relative to
Radar Observer,  Lt ROBERT L. KUNEMAN:  He is well thought of, both as to
character and ability, in his organization.  He appeared to be above average
in intelligence. His perception as to color, superiority as to speed of moving
objects, average; as to size at distance, excellent. His reliability, aooord-
lng to Major HOMER WlLLIAM MORRIS, pilot,  is excellent. His hobbies: Swimming,
golfing, soft ball, and model railroad trains.


1.     Copy of letter from Hq Air Materiel Command, Wright-
Patterson AFB, Dayton,  Ohio, dated 19 Nov 48
2.     Statement of 2nd Lt ROBERT L. KUNEMAN, dated 24 Nov 48
3.     Statement of Major HOMER WILLIAM MORRIS, dated 7 Dec 48


Deteraine if the object seen by Lt. KUNEMAN on '30 Octotebr 48, at
approximately 1450 hours, was pickd up by the Radar Station at Leah
Bay. Washington. Obtain all available information on the above if