The Lt. Combs/T-6 Encounter
Andrews AFB, Maryland
November 18, 1948

The North American T6B "Texan"

Richard Hall:
Features: Aerial encounter, "dogfight" maneuvers, rapid acceleration, "evasive action". Summary statement from Project Sign Incident No.207 in Project Blue Book files: "At approximately 2200 hours Lt. Henry G. Combs (AFRes) sighted an object flying on a 360 degree pattern from West to East over Andrews AF Base. The object had one continuous glowing white light. Combs thought it was an aircraft with the wing navigation lights turned off or burned out. He then made a pass to check. Object then took evasive action. First contact established at 1700 feet over Andrews AF Base. When object started taking evasive action, Combs switched wing and tail navigation lights off. 

Maneuvering his ship (a T-6) so that his exhaust flame would not be noticed in an effort to get the object on his left he proceeded to close in but the object quickly flew up and over his aircraft. Then Combs attempted to maneuver the object between his ship and the light of the moon. This was done by making very very tight 360 degree turns with flaps down while making a steady climb. Object was able to turn inside of Combs' aircraft even under this condition. Another amazing feature was the quick variation of airspeed from 80  m.p.h. to 500 or 600 m.p.h. Combs remained in contact with the object for some 10 minutes with the object between the lights of Washington, D.C., and his aircraft. He could only see an oblong ball with one light and no wings and no exhaust flame. [Elsewhere object is described as a 'glowing white oval']

Finally, "Combs pulled back up sharply and came up underneath the object within 300 to 400 feet. He then turned his landing lights on it. It had a very dull gray glow to it and was oblong in shape ... . Object then performed a very tight curve and headed for the East coast at about 500 to 600 m.p.h." Other witnesses included Lt. Kenwood W. Jackson, AFRes, who described the object as oval; Lt. Glen L. Stalker, AFRes; and S/Sgt. John J. Kushner on the ground who saw the object make two low passes over the base. Lt. Combs noted the UFO displayed "Evasive controlled tactics and ability to perform tight circles, quick variation of air speed, vertical ascents, evasive movements."

Source: Project Blue Book files, 27-page report, National Archives, Washington, D.C.

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