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From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Lt. Combs/T-6 Encounter; Andrews AFB, MD; Nov. 18, 1948

The following pdf file contains all of the resized Project Blue Book documents below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

The original over-sized docs from the Blue Book site AND TRANSCRIPTS are listed below, followed by the transcripts:

SUBJECT: Project "Sign"
SUBJECT: Flying Discs
Witnessess reports indicate the aerial object was highly maneuverable 
Statement by 2nd Lt. Kenwood W. Jackson
Statement by 2nd Lt. Glen L. Stalker
Statement by 2nd Lt. Henry G. Combs
<>Statement by S/Sgt John J. Kushner



  On 18 November 1948 at approximately 21:45 I sighted a lighted object  

  flying from northeast to southwest across Andrews Field from four thousand  

  feet altitude dropped down to 1700 feet, same altitude as said object as it  

  came back across Andrews Field from Southwest to Northeast heading.  Flew  

  in circles, object on the outer circle, followed it to 7000 feet.  While  

  climbing we made three to four passes at the object in order to identifiy it.  

  While diving at approximately 240 MPH object would climb vertically then  

  drop below us from behind and continue to circle.  On the last pass at it we  

  switched on a landing light, and momentarily saw it give a dull glow.  It  

  appeared to be oval, no wings, no tail surfaces.  After sighting it in the  

  landing light it headed to the Northeast climbing rapidly.  Lost sight of  

  it at approximately 8000 feet, time 22:03.  

  Weather at time, visibility and ceiling unlimited no clouds, haze or smoke.  

                                                                               //name blotted out// 
                                                                                 2nd Lt. AFRes. 


  Capt, USAF 



                                                                                22 November 1948 


                 On 18 November 1948 at approximately 2200 hours, I  
            observed the same object as reported by Lieutenants Jack-  
            son and Combs of this organization.  Said Object was ob-  
            served directly overhead traversing the northeast corner  
            of the field while I was in the local traffic pattern at  
            an altitude of 1000 feet above the terrain.  

                                                              //name blotted out// 
                                                                2nd Lt., USAFR 
                                                                (blotted out) 


                                                                                       22 November 1948  

       While on duty night of Nov 18, 1948, I S/Sgt JOHN J. KUSHMER was  
  standing by T - 11 - 894 and heard a noise.  As I turned my head to look I  
  I saw a shining object coming across the skk.  It sounded like a P-47 only twice  
  as loud.  It came from the direction of 2238th Eng across the field towards  
  hanger #1.  It wasn't very high.  It couldn't have been a P-47 and I did  
  not see any exhaust.  Shortly afterwards I heard the same noise only higher  
  higher over the field.  Later on when the pilots landed some of them asked me  
  if I saw anything.  They apparently saw the same thing.  This object did  
  not look like an aircraft.  

                                                                    (blotted out) 
                                                                    S/Sgt USAF 
                                                                    (blotted out) 


 24 November 1948 

S T A T E M E N T 


       On Thursday evening 18 November 1948 at approximately 2200 hours, I sighted an object flying a 360 degree pattern from West to East over Andrews Air Force Base.  The object had one continuous glowing white light.  My first thought was an aircraft with the wing navigation lights turned off, or  burned out; so I made a pass to check.  As I came in the object took evasive action, which follows in description. 

       First contact was 1700 feet over Andrews Air Force 
  Base.  As the object started taking evasive action I 
  switched the wing and tail navigation lights of my air- 
  craft off.  Then maneuvered my ship so as to get the said 
  object on my left so my exhaust flame would not be noticed. I then proceeded to try to get in close and detach what I saw, but the object continued making evasive action by going quickly up and over my aircraft. 

       Unsuccessful at getting close enough to make it 
  out, I tried to maneuver so as to get the object between 
  my ship and the lights of Washington, D. C., or the light 
  of the moon.  This was done, my making very, very tight 
  360 degree turns with flaps down and making a steady climb.
  The object could turn  inside   of my aircraft even under 
  the preceding condition mentioned.  Another amazing fea- 
  ture was the very quick variation of air speed from approx- 
  imately 80 MPH up to 500 or 600 MPH. 

       I remained contact with the object about 10 minutes 
  with it flying between the lights of Washington, D. C. and 
  my aircraft.  All I could make out was an oblong ball, 
  with; one light, no wings and no exhaust flame. 

       After this I tried to get in close again.  I remained 
  in sight of it up to 6000 feet then back around 3500 feet 
  to 4000 feet trying to get in close, but as I said before 
  it could evade me easily.  We (object and myself) had by 
  this time climbed back up to 7500 feet.  At this altitude 
  I pulled back up sharply and came up underneath the object. I came within approximately 300 feet to 400 feet and turned my landing lights on the object.  It had a very dull gray 
  glow to it and was oblong in shape as I said before.  At 
  this time it made a very tight turn and headed for the 
  east coast at about 500 to 600 MPH. 

       I certify this is a true statement as to what I saw on 
  the night mentioned. 

                                      (blotted out) 
                                      XXXXXXX USAFR 
                                      (blotted out) 




        WASHINGTON, 20, D.C. 



  SUBJECT:  Flying Discs.

  TO:       Commanding General, 1st AF, Ft. Slocum, NY., ATTN:  AC/S Intelligence. 
            Commanding General, ADC, Mitchel Fld, KY., ATTN: AO/S Intelligence. 
            Commanding General, Air Material Command, Wright-Patterson AF Base 
            Dayton, Ohio, ATTN:  TSDIH. 
            Chief of Staff USAF, Washington 25, D.C., ATTN:  Dir of Intelli- 
            gence, Req. Div. 

        1.  In compliance with ADC Letter 45-5, dated 25 March 1945, following 
  report is submitted: 

            (a)  On the 18 November 1948 at approximately 2145 hours, two 
  Reserve Pilots, attached to this Air Force Reserve Training Center, engaged 
  in local night proficiency flying operations encountered unknown aerial ob- 
  ject as described in attached statements.  The following facts are listed 
  for information: 

                1.  Location - Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, Md. 

                2.  Weather - CAVU, no smoke, haze or fog.  Full moon. 

                3.  Witnesses:  (blotted out) 

                                (blotted out) 

                                (blotted out) 

                                (blotted out) 

                4.  No photographs available. 

            5.  Sketches - None available 

                6.  Object sighted: 

                    (a)  Number - One (1) 

                    (b)  Shape - Oval, no wings or tail structure. 

                    (c)  Size - Undetermined. 

                    (d)  Color - Undertermined. 

                    (e)  Speed - Variable. 


  ltr 2238 AF RTC, Subj:  Flying Discs, 23 Nov 48 Cont'd. 

                    (f)  Heading - Orbited base 

                    (g)  Maneuverability - Object capable of oini (omni) direct- 
                         ional flight. 

                    (h)  Altitude - Variable from 1700 to 8000 feet plus. 

                    (i)  Sound - Described as convention reciprocating en- 
                         gine type with twice the volume. 

                    (j)  Exhaust - None observed. 

            (b)  Attached statements of three (3) Reserve pilots and one (1) 
  Airman (Regular Air Force) was considered reliable although no other witness- 
  es to incident could be found. 

            (c)  Witnesses reports and statements indicate that aerial object 
  was highly maneuverable, seemed aware of the presence of following aircraft, 
  and capable of almost vertical flight.  No accurate description of size of 
  object could be obtained although pilots questioned indicated that it was 
  smaller in size than T-6 type aircraft.  Shapes as best could be described was 
  oval or ovate.  Witness were uncertain as to whether source of light observed 
  eminated from entire object or was exhaust type in nature. 

        2.  Delay in submission of report caused by difficulty in contacting and 
  obtaining written statements of subject witnesses. 

        3.  This report exempt form the provisions of RC procedures under Par 
  8e, AF Regulation 80-2, 11 Feb 1948. 


                                                   MICHAEL F. OGNISTY 
                                                   Capt, USAF 
  4 Incls: 
    Statement of (blotted out) 
            "    (blotted out) 
            "    (blotted out) 
            "    (blotted out)