Radar-Visual In Germany
 Fursten-Feldbruck, Germany
November 23, 1948

F-80 "Shooting Star"

Edward Ruppelt:
Toward the end of November a wire came in to Project Sign from Germany. It was the first report (according to Ruppelt, but there were others prior) where a UFO was seen and simultaneously picked up on radar. This type of report, the first of many to come, is one of the better types of UFO reports. The wire said: 

At 2200 hours, local time, 23 November, 1948, Capt.____ saw an object in the air directly east of the base. It was at an unknown altitude. It looked like a reddish star and was moving in a southerly direction across Munich, turning slightly to the SW then the NE. The speed could have been between 200 to 600 mph, the actual speed could not be estimated, not knowing the height. Capt ____ called base operations and they called the radar station. Radar reported that they had seen nothing on their scope but would check again. Radar then called operations to report that they did have a target at 27,000 feet, some 30 miles south of Munich, traveling 900 mph. Capt ____ reported that the object that he saw was now in the area. A few minutes later the radar called again to say the target had climbed to 50,000 feet, and was circling 40 miles south of Munich. 

Capt. ____ is an experienced pilot now flying F-80's and is considered to be completely reliable, The sighting was verified by Capt. ____, also a F-80 pilot. The possibility that this was a balloon was checked but the answer from Air Weather Service was "not a balloon". No aircraft were in the area. Nothing we know of, except possibly experimental aircraft, which are not in Germany, can climb 23,000 feet in a matter of minutes and travel 900 miles per hour.

Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt

Source: The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, 26