Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2014 06:28:14 -0500 (EST)
Fram: Brad Sparks
Subject: December 9, 1948; SE of Pittsburgh, PA (BBU)

To: Fran Ridge

This was before some of the BB files were put online so there was no ready way of checking dates and other details.  Also I have no full-time research staff to fact-check thousands of BB cases.  If you want a perfect job then pay me the money to do it!  [Expletives deleted.] 

This is one of the many BB cases that apparently astounded McDonald and appalled him with BB's mind boggling stupidity and debunker bias. 

The witnesses were top AF Pentagon officials in the Guided Missile Group and the Instrument Flight Group in the Office of Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations:  Copilot on the flight was Col. John K. Brown, Jr., rated a senior pilot, combat observer and bombardier, and a guided missiles expert.  Pilot was Capt. Eugene G. Mulling, Jr., an instrumented flight expert in the DCS/O.  Ironically they were headed straight to Wright-Pat AFB from Washington.  

Col Brown's and Capt Mulling's reports are well done, despite some small but correctable SIGN errors (duration was 6 minutes not 7 mins, timed from 1521 to 1527 hours, etc.), and a few differences in observation of the UFO's disappearance because the pilot concentrated on flying and Col Brown was more free to observe and saw the UFO disappear behind a large cloud bank at a known distance and location they flew over (about 60 miles, S of Akron) in landing at Akron at 1539-1/2 hours. 

Several mutually supportive data points support Brown's and Mulling's angular size estimate of nearly-sun-sized, which at initial distance of 4-5 miles makes the chalky white "perfectly round" UFO about 200 feet in size. 

Brown and Mulling greatly underestimated the UFO's speed, which was actually about 700 mph not 250 mph, and which can be fairly accurately established with the disappearance at known distance of about 60 miles covering roughly 55 miles in 6 minutes, or about 550 mph faster than their 180 mph aircraft.