Form 97-AR
Date: Saturday,
3 December 2005
From: Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist
Subject: Merced CA, April 4, 1949
Cat: 4



Animal Reaction Feature:

At 10:20 PM, the witness and his dog went outdoors.  The witness heard an intense clicking sound coming from the sky and saw a dark object as it moved against the background of stars. The witness described his dog’s reaction as follows:  “My dog was with me and directed her attention in the general direction of this object’s flight throughout its course.  She had been romping with me on coming out of the house but without spoken word [she] stopped and directed her attention to the previously described area [dark object flight path].”

The sighting:

This sighting is listed as a Blue Book unknown.

Weather:  Castle AFB weather station reported thin/broken clouds at 20,000 feet, 12 mile visibility and surface winds as north at 9 mph.  The witness reported his area (1 mile west of Merced and 7 miles south of Castle AFB) was more sheltered and had no appreciable surface wind.

The witness is a Major in the Active USAF Reserves. He is a pilot, with 2200 hours flight time, including night flying in WWII.  He reported the sighting to the Intelligence Officer at Castle Field.

Duration of sighting: 35-45 seconds (including sound and visual)

The witness came outdoors with his dog and heard a “clicking noise of considerable intensity.”   He stopped, locating the sound as coming from the sky about 40 degrees from eastern horizon.  He observed a dark shape moving against the background of stars in a flight path to the West or NW.

He described the object as a solid mass whose size he estimated as 4-5 feet in diameter and whose altitude he estimated as considerably less than 1,000 feet.  On two occasions the reflection of streetlights, located ½ block behind the witness, made the object appear to have a dull-surface and one of light colored metal.  Also, the reflection of the streetlights off the surface of the object made the witness think that the under-surface was curved.  No exhaust trail was seen.   No lights or flame observed.  No whistle or roar, only a clicking sound that maintained the same pitch and speed, but altered in loudness (see below).  The clicking sound was compared to the beaters of a home mixer that were not properly meshed.  

The dark object moved slowly going the West or NW, made a 90-degree-arc turn to the South or SW.  The clicking sound became louder on the new heading.  The clicking sound stopped when it was the loudest (seemingly overhead relative to the witness) and the witness was unable to detect the object after the sound ceased.

No EM effects or physiological effects were reported. 


Memorandum to Director, FBI, from SAC, Los Angeles, dated May 13, 1949.  Copy of the memorandum came from MUFON Files with thanks to John Schuessler.  Memo copied below: