Date: 4 Oct 2015
From: Fran Ridge, NICAP Site Coordinator <>
Subject: Sighting at Delphi, Indiana, 7/23/49
Sources: Project Blue Book, Loren Gross' UFO History, July to December 1949, page 12
Distribution: NICAP, CE

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"What are those lights flying around in the sky?" Fishing for bass at Merrill Stone quarry outside of Delphi, Indiana, on July 23rd, produced more excitement than it did food for the dinner table. Two men at the quarry had nothing much to do while waiting for ·the fish to bite so they leaned back and relaxed. One, a Mr. Robertson, happened to look up. Although it was close to midnight and the sky was very dark, he noticed a pair of luminous objects in the heavens north of Delphi. Robertson turned to his companion, pointed, and then uttered: "What are those lights flying around in the sky?" Both witnesses watched as the objects zoomed in circles, moving horizontally, one in a clockwise orbit, the other in a counterclockwise orbit. Occasionally the objects emitted a phosphorescent glare. The objects dipped and dived as they went their merry way.

The objects were huge, maybe the size of a five room house. At least that is the estimate of the observers although they were guessing at the altitude of the sky objects which they put at 1,500 feet. The fishermen were sure the UFO's were metal objects, aluminum or magnesium.

Since the objects were not going anywhere, one witness ran to a nearby house·and persuaded a man inside to also witness the UFO's. The new witness said he would summon the police and contact the newspaper office in Delphi. The authorities never came, and meanwhile the objects gradually shifted their circling farther away until they were out of sight. · Within a half hour, however, the objects reappeared in the sky in the original local town. They were still circling . The two men continued to observe the orbiting objects as they cast for fish. It wasn't until 3:00 a.m. ·that the UFO's were lost from sight. 13

The witnesses were certain the objects were solid metal objects. They discussed different explanations between themselves and walked around the area to view the objects from different angles. They decided they were not watching the northern lights, stars, landing field beacons, bats, searchlights, or birds reflecting the city lights of Delphi.33 What is unusual in this case is not the nocturnal orbiting, but rather the length of time the UFO's spent in the area. It is rare for a UFO report to mention a period of time of more than a few minutes at most, disappearing behind some hills.35, 36