UFO'S: A History
August ­ December
Pages 11-12

"Spies over Los Alamos?"

On two successive days, 30 and 31 August, 1950, strange objects, as official documents put it, of an "undisclosed nature" were observed in the sky over Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. The official report from Headquarters, 2754th Experimental Wing, stated that on August 30th:
"B-50 aircraft for mission of Missile MI-776, Bell Aircraft Corporation, was airborne and while employees of this company were scanning the sky for aircraft, two unexplainable objects were sighted in vicinity of the aircraft. The objects appeared at approximately 1045 hours and were visible for approximately 30 minutes, and seemed to follow the aircraft on both the dry run and the hot run, prior to release of the missile. Observers' stories differed to a degree and some observers saw only oneobject. At least eight responsible civilians and one Master Sergeant observed the phenomena." 29

What followed were six characteristics of the UFO's as perceived, one has to admit, by some fairly good witnesses. And one might be reminded that untrained observers were making the same kind of report, so we should ask ourselves if every one was seeing the same thing. The official Holloman document went on to say:

"The following points were noted by observers:
(1) Very fast rate of speed for short distances.
(2) Strong glare at all times that was not reflected from sun.
(3) Left no vapor trails, seemed to hover, make maneuvers and then accelerate rapidly.
(4) Made square abrupt turns, relative size changed sufficiently to determine ascent and descent, shape changed from round to elliptical.
(5) The two objects retained their relative position to one another.
(6) Appeared to be approximately ten times faster than B-SO aircraft and above aircraft." 30

The document then tells what happened the next day:

"Instrumentation facilities were set up this date [August 31st] and pictures were taken when phenomena appeared sporadically between hours of 1000 and 1300. The object appeared several times during this period, traveling at very high rates of speed, appearing from several different directions. F-86 aircraft from 93rd Fighter Group, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, were requested and made a four-plane reconnaissance in the local area for approximately one hour; however, the pilots observed no unusual aerial phenomena. The colored phototheodolite film was immediately airmailed to Houston Plant, Los Angeles, California, for processing....A final report will be forwarded to your office upon completion. Observers at phototheodolite stations noted the following points:

"(1) Object had definite shape, including depth.
(2) Disappeared when observer took eye off to read angle.
(3) No smoke or fire.
(4) Object seemed to rock or oscillate. ..
(5) Edges of object were not sharp or distinct." 31

The film was rushed to the Holloman Air Force Base Data Reduction Unit where it was analyzed in an effort to determine correlations that could establish a triangulation. Unfortunately, the UFO's had traversed the sky at too high a speed. 32, 33


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