Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015 12:32:50 -0600
From: fran ridge <>
Subject: Pope AFB Case #2, Oct. 15, 1950?

An Air Force pilot observed an "unconventional type aircraft" which so amazed him he felt he had to file a report. Cognizant of Air Force regulations that discouraged the reporting of UFO's, the pilot nonetheless addressed a letter to the Director of Intelligence, United States Air Force. The pilot led off with: "The following report of an observation of an unconventional type aircraft is submitted in spite of the termination of inquiry into this subject." He then wrote:

"On October I5, 1950, at 1625 EST, the undersigned observed a jet plane moving in a  Northeasterly direction at an altitude of 35-40,000 feet. Plane not visible but characteristic sound accompanied flight as well as an easily observed and clearly defined contrail.

"At 1625, 40 while observer was following the flight of the jet an object oblate and spheroid in shape crossed the line of flight of the jet plane and continued its movement in a northwesterly direction. Total length of observation, 10-12 seconds.

"Object appeared to be constructed of aluminum or like substance...speed unknown...altitude unknown ...trail none. Object followed perfectly straight line of flight.

"Observer realizes that paucity of detail in this report makes it unsuitable material from an intelligence standpoint, but there is a strong likelihood that the object sighted is the same or one of the same objects sighted and reported by commercial airlines pilot of the Miami Air Lines. He reported sighting a group of saucer-like objects (four in number) in the vicinity of Pope AFB, N.C., at 1620 EST. Pilot pursued objects for period of time before losing them.

"If certain assumptions are made, the following conclusions are well within the realm of possibility:

--Pilot's time of observation 1620 EST.

--Length of pursuit (estimated) 3 minutes.

--Speed of pursuing a/c (estimated) 180 mph.

"If pursuit is made in northerly direction and broken off at end of three minutes, this would place the objects sighted about 10 miles north of Pope AFB at 1623 EST.

"Airline distance from point of his observation to Chapel Hill, N.C. (assumed to be the point of next observation) is approximately 47 miles.

"Time elapsed from point of last observation to point of next observation minutes 20 seconds, distance traversed 47 miles. Speed of object 19 plus miles per minute, or roughly 1200 miles per hour.

"Observer recognizes that conjecture is not suitable basis for inquiry and offers the analysis in paragraph six only as suggested method of evaluation.

"The undersigned regards the above material to be of classified nature and will so regard it."

(UFOs A History, 1950, pg. 40, Ref. 113,. "Report of Unconventional Type A/C," by Capt. (deleted) Inf. (Res.). To: Director of Intelligence, USAF, Washington 25 D.C. 16 October 50. Blue Book Files (OSI records.)