Sighting by employees of the Nuclear Energy for
Propulsion of Aircraft project (NEPA)
Oak Ridge, TN
Dec. 18, 1950

On December 18,1950, at sometime between 0820 and 0830, the following NEPA employees were riding in a vehicle on the Turnpike within the Controlled Area toward the NEPA Project approximately one mile short of the "Y" cutoff to White Wing entrance. The passengers, with the exception of . . . who did not attempt to participate in the viewing, observed a light emanating in the shape of a circle, of an intensity much greater than that of a bright moon, through the windshield of the vehicle. The viewers had the impression that there was form in connection with the light rather than merely a point source. The light was white in appearance and did not show any signs of refraction into a band or continuous spectrum. It appeared to be from 15 to 30 degrees elevated above the horizontal and on an azimuth between west and northwest, and appeared to be traveling in a northwesterly direction. The impression of it traveling is due to the fact that the object appeared to diminish considerably in size during the approximate thirty seconds during which it was viewed.

The vehicle remained in motion and in following the course of the road, changed its relative position so that the object was viewed during the last few seconds from the side windows. As the vehicle proceeded down the road a nearby ridge obstructed the view of the object, and although the vehicle completed the turn toward K-25 at the "Y" intersection and the passengers had a relatively clear view at points along the road, the object was not viewed again. The observers were unable to estimate approximate size, speed, or vertical elevation; and, therefore, were not certain whether the object was over the Controlled Area or a considerable distance away. There was no vapor trail or any other visible condition within the vicinity of the object and there were no clouds which could have obscured it. The observers were unable to identify the object in terms of mass or shape, other than the circular appearance of the light. However, the circular area appeared to darken, starting at approximately 7:00 to 9:00 o'clock along the perimeter and continuing to darken along the perimeter and inner area until the light was concentrated in approximately 1:00 to 3:00 o'clock position of a very small diameter, at which point it appeared somewhat similar to a large star.

The observers were not in complete agreement as to whether the object was moving at a speed which caused it to diminish in size or actually was diminishing in size without any great velocity of travel due to the darkening effect described above.

Source: US Army Report to FBI, Clear Intent, 174