Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 08:41:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: michael swords <>
Subject: Re: Artesia updated
To: fran ridge <>

Fran, here is most of the stuff in my Artesia file.

One key thing that researchers/readers should note here is that this was a General Mills case at the time when the GMills guys were really angry with Grudge and so was the Navy shortly thereafter. So the GM guys didn't report the 1951 case until about a year later, and then only to a CIA guy who was reporting it to the Navy's newly formed UFO case collection project. The head of that project ultimately decided to share information with Blue Book [Ruppelt had gotten in by that time and was probably viewed as a better guy, and Ruppelt misunderstood the case date initially, reporting it in BB#6 as 1952. He later learned [too late] that it actually was 1951 and corrects that in his book. This 1952 error gets into the UFO community and persists. By the 1960s however it is corrected and we have the 1951 date since then. Mike

A1: the page from BB#6

A2: NICAPs retype of that wherein Ted Bloecher, reading from BB#6, says that Ruppelt's book and the NICAP UFOE is wrong, and although this is responsible reading by Ted, as noted above, the actual date IS 1951

A3: McDonald's notes

A4: Thomas Olsen's reference

A5: Vallee's Challenge To Science reference, page one

A6: Vallee, page two

A7: Hynek's The UFO Experience reference.