Date: Monday, 12 October, 2009, 13:24
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: February 1951: UFOs and the Cold War
To:  A-Team

This is all important information.
What was happening along this northern route across the Alantic in early 1951? On February 7, 1951, the famous 509th Bomb Wing flew aross the Atlantic to Mildenhall Air Base, England


Feb. 7, 1951, the 509th Bomb Wing arrived at Mildenhall, replacing the 93d Bomb Group. The arrival of the 509th touched off a sequence of transitions, with the 2d Bomb Wing replacing the 509th in May 1951, followed by the 22d Bomb Wing replacement of the 2d Bomb Wing later that same year. On Oct. 1, 1951, Strategic Air Command (SAC) took control of the station and bombers rotated in and out of Mildenhall on temporary duty assignments.
Later, on March 23, 1951, a USAF C-124 Globemaster would leave Gander on its way to Mildenhall, England. On board this plane was Gen. Paul T. Cullen and about 50 members of his staff. Cullen had been selected to head the Stratrgic Air Command's new 7th Air Division, recently activated at South Ruislip, London, England. This C-124 had left Roswell AFB, New Mexico, on its way to Mildenhall Air Base, England. The plane went missing over the north Atlantic and wreckage of the plane was not found until March 30, 1951. All on board perished.
Bethune had spoke about numerous sightings of large UFOs being seen over this northern route during this time.
I wonder if they were there because of then movement of the SAC to bases in England? Along with the SAC would have been atomic weapons parts. From what we have been told these weapons were without their fissile core, which was kept on the ready back in the US.