Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 17:58:15 +0100 (BST)
From: Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos <>
Subject: Feb. 19, 1951; Near Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kenya (BBU)

FOTOCAT has 3 entries for this event (one entry for every photography source, one alleged movie film and two alleged photographs), the major reference line reads:

19/02/1951, 07:20, UFO, Mount Kilimanjaro (Kenya), FILM, Ray Overstreet, 1020 (secs)

References are: Sunday Dispatch, February 25, 1951; and March 4, 1951. Kenneth Arnold and Ray Palmer, The Coming of the Saucers, 1952, p 135. Saucers, Vol  2, No 3, September 1954, pp 4-6.  Waveney Girvan, Flying Saucers and Common Sense, Citadel, 1956, pp 77-81. Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, NICAP, 1964, pp 123-124. Australian Flying Saucer Magazine, May 1953. Not consulted: Cynthia Hind, UFO Afrinews, 1 (Ref# 244, Larry Hatch database). Natal Mercury (Durban), March 14, 1951. Nairobi Sunday Post, February 25, 1951. Flying Saucer News, 9, 1955, p 5.

The two complementary entries refer to photographs taken by  a H.P. Fussell and by a Charles J. Vernon (in this case, film showed nothing).
I have never seen any image from pictures or frames.


Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos