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From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: RE: July 24, 1951; Portsmouth, New Hampshire (BBU 943)
Cc: Francis Ridge <>

Mr. Sherman E. Fein and his granddaughter, Tehilah
Glad to meet you.
I do UFO research for a group called NICAP( under the direction
of Francis Ridge, and we have been working on putting together chronologies of reports
of unidentified flying objects.
It was in doing these chronologies that we came across the case at
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on July 24, 1951.
Most of our documents for these cases come from the files of
the USAF Project Blue Book most of which are available on line.
Your case was evaluated as an Unidentified by Project Blue Book
Statement of Cpl Sherman E. Fein
According to the report you were riding with Capt. Charles Cobb at the time
of the sighting. Do you still remember him?
Over the years the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, area has been a "hotbed"
for reports of UFOs.
Raymond Fowler writes in his book, Casebook of a UFO Investigator, the area around southern New Hampshire has a nuclear submarine base and a Strategic Air Command Base (Portsmouth AFB, later called Pease AFB). He says that this area for the last 15 years has been one of the most active areas in the United States for UFO activity…. In addition to the exttreme activity in 1965, 66, and 67….significant UFO activity also waas present in the early 60"s, the Spring of 1971, the Fall of 1973, the Spring of 1974 and then again in the Fall of 1975.
(See page 138)
One famous UFO investigator by the name of Jacques Vallee mentioned
that in late 1951 there were many sightings and possible landings of
cigar-shaped UFOs.
Your sighting must have made quite an impression on you that you still remember
it well.
Best Regards
Daniel Wilson
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Subject: RE: July 24, 1951; Portsmouth, New Hampshire (BBU 943)
Date: Wednesday, 16 June, 2010, 20:54

Dear Mr. Daniel Wilson:
My grandfather, Dr. Sherman E. Fein, is the same Cpl. Sherman E. Fein, USAF mentioned in your recent email titled "SUBJECT: JULY 24, 1951; PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE (BBU 943)," dated May 20th, 2010, to Mr. Francis Ridge at  Dr. Fein remembers that July 24, 1951 incident very well, and is curious to know why it surfaced so many years after its occurance.  Any explanation and insights would be of great interest to him, and he looks forward to your response.
Sherman E. Fein and his granddaughter, Tehilah