Classic Domed Disc
October 21, 1951
Battle Creek, Michigan

The "Navion"

Richard Hall:
Features: Aerial encounter with silver, highly reflective classic domed-disc UFO, confrontation.

Summary of Air Intelligence Information Report:

"Mr. ______, a civilian pilot of fourteen (14) years flying experience encountered a disk-like, highly polished flying object which closed head on with his Navion aircraft at an extremely high rate of speed, in the vicinity of Battle Creek, Michigan. Altitude of the object was estimated to be 3,000 feet and 1,000 feet below observer's aircraft. Visibility conditions were unlimited above 4,000 feet and a haze restricted visibility to an estimated eight (8) miles below 4,000 feet. Check of available sources both civil and military indicate no known aircraft in the vicinity of the sighting at that time. Mr.______, Austin Lake, Michigan, Airport Manager, has known observer for three years and considers him a very stable individual. Investigating officer concurs in this estimate of observer".

Other details: The plane was on a heading of approximate ly 265 degrees, approximately 17 miles due east of Battle Creek, 135 rn.p.h. indicated air speed, at 1625Z. UFO was seen straight ahead approaching at "tremendous" speed on an apparent collision course. The pilot's attention was first attracted to it by the sun's reflection on an extremely highly polished surface ("He was particularly impressed with the extremely high polish of the silver colored object and stated that in his estimation, no aluminum surface could ever be polished to such a high brilliance." The UFO had a clear cut dome on top, and when it passed beneath the aircraft it appeared perfectly circular in plan form, approximately 30-40 feet in diameter.

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