Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 12:20:32 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Brigham/T-6 Watch Disc Pass F-84 
Cat: 11
Distribution: CE, SHG

An officially confirmed sighting by an Air Force pilot on March 29,1952, in the vicinity of Misawa, Japan, is one example. Lt. David C. Brigham, flying a T-6 as target plane for an intercept exercise by two F-84 jet fighters, saw a small, shiny disc about eight inches in diameter make a pass at one of the F-84s. 

It flew a pursuit curve and closed rapidly. Just as it would have flown into Brigham's fuselage it decelerated to his airspeed, almost instantaneously In doing so, it flipped up on its edge at an approximate 90-degree hank. It fluttered within two feet of his fuselage for perhaps two or three seconds. Then it pulled away around his starboard wing, appearing to flip once as it hit the slipstream behind his wing-tip fuel tank. Then it passed him, crossed in front, and pulled up abruptly appearing to accelerate, and shot out of sight in a steep, almost vertical climb. An unusual flight characteristic was a slow, fluttering motion. It rocked back and forth in 40-degree banks, at about one-second intervals throughout its course. 

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