Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 19:47:57 +0000 (GMT); updated 18 March 2006
From: francis ridge & daniel wilson
Subject: May 1, 1952; George AFB and Apple Valley, California (BBU 1176)
Cat: 1, 9, possible 11
To: Francis Ridge <> 

Francis Ridge:
Earlier this year (15 February 2006) Dan Wilson, one of our Project Blue Book Archive researchers, located some interesting documents. The report and documents were posted on the 1952 UFO Chronology with Brad Sparks' CCPBBU listing.

May 1, 1952; George AFB, California (BBU 1176)
10:50 am. An Air Force officer and a group of airmen in a separate location observed a formation of five white disc-shaped objects, three in front and two behind. The trailing objects darted around in zig-zag motions. Suddenly the objects switched to a tight V-formation, made an almost 90-degree turn and sped away over the mountains. The five objects were sighted at George AFB and from a golf course 4 miles away. Observer: S/Sgt David Darbyrsira 146th Air Police Squadron sighted the 5 objects at at George AFB, at 1050 hours PDT, about one hour after a cloud from an atom blast was sighted in the direction of Las Vegas.

On 18 March 2006 I received an interesting email. The message was in response to our posting of a report and some documents located by Dan Wilson on 15 Feb:Name of sender has been deleted:

"The Lt. Colonel mentioned in this Project Blue Book case was my Grandfather, Lt. Col. Lyle Albert Silvernail. He had gone fishing that morning and was returning to the base when one of the UFO's in question came so close to his car, he was forced to run his car off the dirt road to avoid collision with it. When he got back to the base he contacted the tower and asked if they had picked up anything on radar.  They informed him they had and I believe planes were scrambled. It is my understanding that when the incident was reported to his commanding officer he was told not to file an offical report as it may affect his carreer, and (to) keep his mouth shut. As you can see, by the account listed on your web site, he did report the incident and did speak about it to family members. I only came across the information on this case a couple days ago when looking up info for myself. Since he has been deceased many years I feel he would want people to know what he told one of his children after this incident, 'The Science Fiction you read in comic books today will come to be known as TRUTH tomorrow.' "

I then asked Dan Wilson to use the above information to try to run down other documentation. Results were negative. The documents he had already located are as follows, beginning with:

including 342-344,347-352,357-358

included in the pdf file at the top of this page.