Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 13:04:00 +0000 (GMT)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: May 25, 1952; Tierra Amarilla AFS, New Mexixo

The following pdf file contains all of the resized Project Blue Book documents below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

The original over-sized docs from the site are listed below:<>  1 PROJECT 10073 RECORD CARD  2 EXTRACT FROM STRATUS REPORT  3 Appeared on radar scope 3 times  4 Electronic sighting OPS-5  6 A/1C Tracy L. Atherton  8 Captain Warren H. Kinser  10 Electronic observation  11 Unusual Occurrences  14 Reliability of Airmen
  19 Radar sighting report  20 Radar sighting report  21 Radar scope diagram  22 Radar scope diagram  23 Radar scope diagram  24 Radar scope diagram