Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2009 12:49:43 +0100
From: Martin Shough <>
Subject: Re: Very interesting radar case, Korea 1952
To: Francis Ridge <>

This really *is* an interesting one!  V. impressive. Would be even better if we had a ground radar report from Bromide, of course, but as it is the aircrew accounts convincingly establish simultaneous ground and air radar contact (with a possible fleeting visual) AI lock-on, 20G target acceleration to >5000 kt (average speed >3000 kt) and futile pursuit with afterburner to break-lock at 26000 yards (typically misreported as 2600 yards in the final BB summary sheet), all logically continuous and observed clearly without hiatus, radar checked before and after.

The immediately preceding 7 intercepts from all points of the compass on a "blue light" painted by ground radar (but *not* AI) with passes at an estimated 50 ft without visual identification is also very strange indeed.

The references in the file to intercepts on presumed "balloons" on earlier dates need study too. Note  the "balloon's" rate of climb - more than twice the typical rate of a radiosonde  - and the F-94 maintains a climbing pursuit with afterburner for several *minutes* before shoot-down. Something odd there I think!

Martin Shough